Gas Barge?


Have you considered designing a Gas Barge?

I noticed how there’s mining barges (which can mine and/or harvest ice), but no barge which harvests gas. A barge huffer would be cool :sunglasses: Can you forward this suggestion on to the CCP development team please?

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It’s called a venture

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A venture is a barge?

Doesn’t matter what it is it does the job well enough a better idea would be making the prospect mine gas better than the venture

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So then we should get rid of mining barges…that’s what you are saying?

Gas is not as bulky as ore or ice so there is no need for large mining ships like barges for it.

Venture does the job just fine, Prospect if you want to be sneaky.

I’d rather Prospect lose a low slot for an extra utility high, so it can fit probe launcher, cloak and have 2 gas huffers at same time. Or give it Endurance treatment: triple ore&gas harvesting Role bonus (from +100% to +300% effectively doubling gas huffing yield per gas huffer) and lose one turret hardpoint. That will make it harvest gas clouds at same speed as it is now, but will free extra high.

I’m saying we don’t need a barge since gas sites are small volume


The venture mines a lot of gas. If we get a gas barge expect it to mine about as much as a venture does now and the venture to lose some yield.

This is a brilliant idea. I haven’t seen that much gas in high-sec though so it would mainly be used in wormhole space where there are lots of gas sites.

I think it should be tabkier than the procurer too.

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Can you point out where he mentioned this? I seem to have missed something in the conversation, I don’t think this suggestion was ever made by anyone in the thread.

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I was deliberately being obtuse in the hopes that the natural progression of ship cost/SP level/rewards would be seen…ie Venture to barges to exhumes. If the premise I was replying to was that if a Venture “gets the job done” relative to a barge then what is the point of a barge…

…obviously there is a point to a barge and the natural progression from a Huffing Venture to a Huffing Barge might be a good one.


Pretty clear the rest of these guys are theory crafting.

Hey guys! Yeah, a Venture does the job pretty well. Was just wondering why there’s no barge/bigger ship that is dedicated to huffing, but there’s bigger boats for mining and ice mining. But yeah, I use a Venture as well as a Prospect.

I just thought I’d throw the idea out there… You go from a Venture up to a Mining Barge, so I was wondering why there’s no ‘next step up’ from a Venture to a Gas Barge. I guess I’m interested in the lore behind it too :smiley: Although it does make sense that corporations may not be willing to design a bigger huffing boat as wormhole space is quite risky and the Venture is small and agile and gets the job done well!

I guess we need a forum here to talk about Player Aspects & Concepts…


I can’t read the devs minds, but gassing is different in one key way, the sites are smaller and you have to scan them down. You can do the whole site in 2-3 cargo holds.

Whereas other things like ice and ore are on a much larger scale and so scaling up to exhumers and command ships is worth it.

That is totally true…

Would is add imbalance to increase the size of the gas fields (or number of them) to warrant a new ship with a larger capacity and huffing speed?

Probably cause a glut of gas, only because the upstream processes are complicated and mainly only profitable if you have a BPC for one of the few popular boosters.

I figured…we don’t need any more base resource flooding the markets ATM so…


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In other cases yes, in this case they could probably loosen up the availability of booster BPCs a little which might trigger more production of boosters.

My “biased drug dealer, non math based opinion” is that boosters are under produced, expensive and under utilized as a result.

Personally I wouldn’t make a new ship for this, simply a gas harvester designed for mining barges with better harvesting capability. And maybe a low slot gas harvester upgrade to increase the cycling speed.