Venture ORE issue

a better and much more expensive version of the venture. it will lose all of its bonuses to gas mining, but still keep its bonuses for ore. it will be able to fit 3-4 mining lasers, just like the venture in the promotional art. it should have an EST price of around 17-20 million isk. it will have the same weak tank, same med and low slot layout, but with 4 high slots and a bit more power grid and CPU to let it use its mining lasers. Still has a lower mining yield over a mining barge, and a smaller ore hold. (5000m3)

What do you guys think? If you don’t like it, reasons would be appreciated.


Isnt that called a mining barge?


I like it. No real benifit to a regular venture, but utterly overpriced. Should make people want to get Omega.

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still lower mining yield

put that in description

Mining barges are exactly what you’re asking for: a better and more expensive version of a Venture.

I can’t afford omega tho

Then you’re limited to the Venture until you can.


whole point of this is to make a better but completely overpriced venture to help those who like chewing rocks.

So… something utterly pointless because better ships already exist, just behind the purposeful limitation of account status?

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the price is the limit here (and account status yeah)

So, something 100 times more expensive than a standard venture that will still get ganked in 2 seconds flat? Brilliant idea. CODE approves…


yep, much more at stake, and will keep it balanced

You’re literally talking about a Barge here. And the ships better than barges are Exhumers.

You’re also making the mistake of using price as it’s sole balancing point. It’s like saying ccp should add a rookie ship that can fit a doomsday weapon, but make it cost 1billion isk to acquire, and claiming it’s balanced because it’s so expensive.

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what if they reduced the bonus to lets say-75 percent from the 100 it is right now? with 4 lasers still better than your normal venture but still way less then a barge

it doesnt bring anything usefull to the table apart of a meager improvement in ore harvesting while being as costly as a cruiser. you get more bang for your buck buying a battleship like the Rokh/Apocalypse and fitting it for mining in the case you dont want/cant buy plex to get Omega state.

the Venture itself is already a faction ship from ORE on itself with two specialized T2 variations. there’s no point both from the lore, gameplay and economic standpoint in terms of creating a faction edition of it.

im open for more diversity in terms of mining vessels but there’s not much todo with it. perhaps a small vessel with better yield for moon ore, combat capabilities for defensive purposes or gas harvesting but those roles are much more specialized than what alphas can do.

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well, I do have a Rokh that I have for mining, but I think I will probably get joint pain on my fingers from the constant clicking. I think I already broke my mouse from using it. :frowning:

RL over EVE right?

It’s a mining barge.

Alphas are deliberately unable to mine in anything more than a venture. It’d be too easy to set-up multiple accounts on multiple computers and mine silly amounts without paying anything to ccp.

You’re better off running missions or incursions if you want to play for free.

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what if they lowered the ore hold? (3500-4000 M3?)

Just accept that alphas are going to need to use a venture or an ill-fit combat ship for mining. There’s very good reasons why alphas are limited to that, a lot of them being economical reasons.

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