Astrogeology and Gas Huffing?

The Astrogeology skill says “5% bonus to mining turret yield”
Does this bonus apply to Gas Harvesters? By the wording, it should, but this is EVE and weird stuff is the norm rather than the exception.

No. Only ways to improve Gas Harvesting is getting Gas Harvesting to 5 so you can use T2 harvesters, mining frigate to 5 for hull bonus (note: expedition frigate skill does not improve gas harvesting), and the gas harvesting implants. That’s it.

No, it shouldn’t according to the wording. You don’t harvest gas with a mining turret, you harvest gas with a Gas Harvester.

Gas Harvesters require a Turret hardpoint, hence the confusion.

Gas Harvesters are also effected by Foreman Boosts/Bursts.

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