Endurance Gas Huffer?

Can anyone confirm if you can use the endurance for gass mining? I know you CAN mount a gas cloud harvestor. Is there any restriction on gas in the ore hold or any reason why the endurance cant be utilized for this.

It has a 15K hold, drones and great resists/slot layout to tank the gas fart. With tech II gas harvestor you arent to much worse of cycle time wise than 2, tech 1 harvestors and the fact you can hold 1500 units is amazing.

Nah, gas is counted as ore so you can put it in.

Many people do use the endurance for gas huffing (and the venture), the only thing is that it can’t fit a cov-ops cloak so you can’t warp cloaked, and a slower align time I think.

I think it’s the Prospect you should be looking for, not the Endurance. Endurance is great for ice mining though, but has no specific gas huffing bonuses like the Prospect if I recall correctly.

Why use a sub-optimal ship for the job when it’s sister ship, the Prospect, is properly bonused and perfectly suited to the role?

The suitability of your Exporation (tech 2 mining) Frigates is as follows:

  • Prospect: Gas and Ore
  • Endurance: Ice and Ore

To answer the question directly: Yes, the Endurance can harvest gas. It goes in the ore hold like everything else.

You can fit a gas harvester to an Endurance but because it is not bonused the yield is truly atrocious. The Endurance is a great null ice/ore miner, can fit improved cloak and isn’t penalised on velocity, drones are effective. Prospect IMO is less useful, it’s gas yield is exactly the same as a Venture. I use a Venture for gas huffing in hi/low/null/jspace.

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i agree my main interest is transporting the spice…i mean gas;) once i have it. I was seduced by the 15K ore hold but forgot about the gas yield bonus thing and no covops cloak. I am staying away from the known hot spot constellation in my home region because they are camped by players who’s regular play style is to kill gas miners so i search out and scan down the random gas sigs. This means i am often 10+ jumps or more outside of my alliances space and have to risk the return trip to reach a blue structure.

Ok moving the gas is a different issue. Endurance is ok for that. But if ur in a dangerous area then hull choice is situational. I mostly huff in lowsec or hisec pockets surrounded by lowsec so I tend to dump somewhere local and use a miasmos thru a convenient wormhole to hisec on the jita side.

If you can’t dump locally and have to travel back then probly Prospect is best choice.

The Prospect still has double (10k) the ore hold of a venture, gas yield bonus and a CovOps cloak on top of that. Why are you ignoring the frigate you seem to be looking for?

Use a Prospect. It’s much better for everything except ore hold.

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