Gas mining needs a combat mining frigate similar to the Endurance

The Endurance is a mining frigate with capable PVP abilities. It can field two small neuts and three light drones, gets bonus resistances to its shields, and comes with 4 mid slots and 3 low slots. An unprepared ganker can find himself in trouble if he gets caught and neuted out.

The problem is that the Endurance can only mine ice or ore. It gets zero bonuses for mining gas, leaving gas huffers with only the Venture and the Prospect.

The Venture is a fragile ship, with only 3 mid slots and 1 low slot. It can field 2 light drones and a single neut, making it inferior to the Endurance. The only fight it might win is against another Venture, or some hapless unarmed explorer.

The Prospect can field NO drones or guns while mining gas. From a PVP perspective, it is far worse than the Venture as you can’t even damage anyone. It’s dead in the water.

So there’s a gap in gas mining that I believe needs to be filled. What I’d like to see is a combat gas miner similar to the Endurance. OR, give the Endurance a bonus to mining gas. That way, ganking gas miners isn’t so one-sided.

Shenanigans-wise, I’d love to see more combat-capable mining frigates, but the few times I’ve huffed gas in wormholes the name of the game has always been to get out before they land on grid.

I think you will always be outshipped in a mining frigate even with combat capabilities.


Nope. But what you can do is let NPCs do that job for you. Take a Prospect in a high class gas anomaly, orbit anomalies and mine the gas and wait for the sleepers to appear, let some sorry lad try to hurt your Prospect and watch the show.

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