New PLayer... Sooo before I buy a Endurance

Before I buy an Endurance I wanted to run some things by you experts.

With only 1 turret and 3 drones does it lag behind the prospect’s mining production?
I noticed the endurance’s 300% role bonus on ore which sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch to this, or will it full time all the time triple the production of the 1 laser and 3 drones on ore?

thank you!

Pyfa will give you a good estimate of your yield. It won’t be perfect due to drone travel times, but it’s close enough.

Second, don’t forget about barges. They aren’t as slippery as the expedition frigs, but they get more tank and better yields. So, depending on your situation, they can be a good choice.

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You would generally buy the endurance or prospect to specialize in either Ice mining or Gas mining

That being said. I ran each ship through EVE Isk Per Hour with all skills to level 5, and since you’re in the New Citizen Q&A I set the ores to just High Sec

With the Venture, and just compressing you get max 3.4m isk/hour

The Endurance can bump that up to 6.3m isk/hr

And the Prospect nets you 5.8m isk/hr

(These are assuming using an Ore Miner, Augmented Mining drones, max skills, over all the best case scenario, and compressing and selling ore.)

When you throw in all Ore types (Low/Null/Moon)

The Endurance still tops out as the best for isk/hr

But you need to also take into account, other aspects. Venture has an inherent +2* to Warp Core.
Prospect can fit a covert cloak, so you can warp around cloaked, and has more fitting flexibility with its 4 low slots over the 3 of the endurance

Its all about how much you Risk vs Reward.

For instance if you were gas mining for example. A venture pays for itself in a single trip whereas a prospect is going to take a few trips to cover its costs.



Small correction. The Venture has built-in +2 warp stab. Slap another one in the low slot and now you’ve got +4.


I use both the Endurance and Prospect for running L4 mining missions because they mine fast, warp fast and are less than half the cost of a barge.


Just keep in mind warpstab is now an active module with a cooldown so pay very close attention when you use it (and that you actually use it when needed). And you can’t fit more than one anymore. :bulb:

Wow !!!
I really appreciate that amazing feedback.

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