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Hey all, returning player here with new accounts. Im looking to start getting back into Industry and was wondering; Since the mineral/ore distribution changes, is it viable to mine Veld/Scord in bulk in high sec to begin with, sell Trit in bulk to buy the other minerals to use in production? Is that viable?

I’ve not too much experience with low sec so am currently YouTubing the hell out of it to find hints and tips =P

Appreciate any steer and feedback!


I personally never mined for production, there is enough cheap minerals or compressed ore on the market. I once had a contract with some miners, who would supply me with cheap trit in the system I was producing. but ever since just bought in Jita or Perimeter.

Almost everything else than ordinary mining is more efficient for making ISK.

My advice for production is, to check each step of the chain for profit contribution, and pick those which make you 2/3 of the profit. often these are not more than 2 steps.

Since you mentioned lowsec, I strongly suggest, you train into the mining frigates, so that the Endurance will be available for you.
If you enjoy the thrill of sneaking into dangerous places, that ship will be, hopefully, to your liking.

The Endurance has a huge ore hold for a frigate, you only have to worry about the one mining beam. The mining lazors have changed slightly, but if you remember mining crystals, those have different attributes and names now.
You also have a cloak, but be aware, it is not the covert ops cloak, so sneak carefully and cloak whenever your current lowsec system have guests.
The ship comes with a drone-bay, so yeay mining drones and combat drones for those Guristas Pirates.
Last, but not the least, the ship also has room for a probe launcher, so you can probe the system(s) you are in for danger or anomalies that fancy your interests.

The other mining frigate, the Prospect, may also be of interest, in case you would like to sneak into j-space and snatch some nice gases on your travels.
You get the covert ops cloak with this one, but a slightly smaller ore hold, and you need to bring a mobile depot for refitting, if you want to probe your way through the wonderland.
A warning with that in mind, whenever you deploy a mobile depot, the depot appears on the d-scanner. The sneaky wormhole-space folks tend to look for those, especially, if they planted a base there.
However, some wormholes seem to be abandoned for hours, that is, until their inhabitants come home from work. Also, be mindful that our planet has different timezones, so work-hours differ for everyone and 5pm for you might be 6am for someone else.
The covert cloak will allow you to rapidly change positions, which I strongly recommend, and don’t forget to collect your depot later.

becose you are a returning player
how about we help you back up your feet

that way you can get in a soft pillow of industry
wile we help you relearning the rope’s

come talk to me so we can see if it work out for you

Greetings and salutations

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