Looking for advice for a dedicated miner/producer

One of the things I like to do is mine. And I love producing things, when I can. But honestly, I’m still pretty much in the clueless stages of the game, but really trying to learn.

A couple of things I’m trying to figure out to help grow further:

  1. What abilities/procedures should I follow to mine safely? So far, I’ve been mining in highsec areas with mainly the Venture, but I keep hearing about how people are ganked left and right, and fortunately, I’ve been pretty safe, other than a few rats here and there, so just want to make sure that I keep going this way and do everything possible to be as safe as possible (without just hiding in a docking bay, cause I could do that by not playing the game, obviously).

  2. Production. Are there types of things that are better to make than others? I’ve basically been doing this trial and error, trying to watch the market, but I’m kind of failing in that capacity because there’s just so much knowledge to try to digest and use.

  3. Where to sell? I’m talking both mining ore and anything I can make. I’m not hoping to become Jeff Bezos here in the game, but at the same time I’d like to at least make my effort worth it.

Having asked all that, I do want to say that I am enjoying the game. The community is generally pretty good and sometimes I think I spend more time in the new player channel just chatting and listening more than anything else in the game (usually while I’m mining). I do have one character that is growing in combat skills, but that’s more of just a side thing to keep the game from becoming monotonous.

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So, I’m going to make a couple of assumptions here based on what you are saying, and those are going to guide my responses. I’m assuming that you are:

  • Sticking to high sec
  • Going mainly solo
  • Still getting your feet under yourself
  • Not looking to going a larger corp or alliance

If any of those are incorrect, the advice will change :slight_smile:

Yep, ganking happens but it’s not terribly hard to avoid if you follow some basic rules.

  • Train up shield skills for mining ships
  • Don’t go AFK- stay at the keyboard and pay attention to who warps in to the system or belt
  • Fit your ships for tank rather than yield. When you get to bigger ships, that means Procurers and Skiffs
  • Give known gankers their corps and alliances “Terrible Standings” so you can more easily see when they pop up
  • Avoid known nasty areas (i.e. Udaema, Halaima, etc.)

Follow those basic rules and you’ll generally be OK.

This is hard to answer because there are so many variables and it can take a long time to get up the skills and investments (BPs) to make really profitable stuff. T1 production is going to be tough to make a profit on and T2 requires a pretty robust supply chain due to the additional materials that you will need. Here’s a thread with some general advice for moving on in mining and production:

Finding a niche is hard, but my advice is to watch the local market for things that are consumed quickly or used commonly in your area and build what you can that might support that.

Diversify, at least until you find your niche. Take some stuff to major hubs, take some to regional hubs, try to sell some locally. Things will move at different rates in each of those locations and they have different challenges (volume vs. the -.1 ISK game at big hubs). Try it all and see what works for you and how you like to manage things.

This excellent advice.

I don’t consider myself an indy player; but, I do manufacture three items on a regular basis, and make a tidy profit on them, too.

They are the three items, when I went to a couple of local trade hubs, I could never find, or only find at an outrageous price compared to Jita prices.

I didn’t want to travel to Jita just for that (insert here whatever your particular that is), and I figured there were others like me “out there”. People who wouldn’t make a special trip to Jita just for one item but who would pay a nice price for the convenience of making a purchase locally.

In the end, I found three items, I used, that were difficult to acquire at a decent price outside of Jita, and started manufacturing them. I make them when it’s convenient, haul them to trade hubs when it’s convenient, and set them up for sale.

It’s a nice sideline for me.

But, I found them because I couldn’t find them, :wink: , at a reasonable price.



Aka, minerals aren’t free, make sure you do your math right so that you’re not losing money.

Greetings, I would like to discuss about production with you, and help if I can, plz send me a mail if you interested

If you haven’t already, I would recommend you finish your Aura and Career agents. You’ll get free ships and skillbooks to play with and bonus to your NPC standings (good standings will help with your Industry operations, missioning etc).

You can learn about Eve from many out-of-game sources (Google is great). For a new player I’d definitely consider looking at Eve University they have a huge wealth of information. You might even consider joining.

Best of luck!

If you are mining for raw resources to manufacture with my suggestion is too stay in 1.0 to .8 space so that the gankers will be less likely to actually gank your barge without having to use a number of ships.

When mining, mine from behind the warp in point, put the belt between you and the warp in point so that the gankers will have to go through the belt or over or under it giving you enough time to get away.

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