Help for mining and production career

I came back to play after almost 10 years and now i would like to see what I can do.
I usually has a mission life with science/production but i don’t remember anything eheh :stuck_out_tongue:
Which is the best way to get minerals for production? i see there are also planets now…
NPC pirates and player pirates are problems for solo?
Where can i produce my items/ships?

Best way to get minerals for production is to buy them, either from the market or from miners.
you can always mine them yourself, but if you are doing industry at any serious level (IE large enough to actually turn a decent profit) you will burn yourself out trying to mine them all yourself.

If you mine at least some of your minerals you can cut your costs a lot. If you need any advise feel free to email me at any time

hi, are you in a production corp?

Mining materials does not cut cost. The profitability of an item is based on its mineral value. If the minerals you put in are worth more than the product you got out. Then it’s still loosing you isk, regardless of how you got those minerals in the first place.

Telling people who are new to industry to just mine to cut costs only promotes the idea that “minerals I mine are free” and ends up costing them time, and money in the long run.

No, no, no… I mine the minerals myself, therefore they’re free! :grinning:

I agree it doesn’t cut costs if you calculate well with the current prices of the minerals.

In fact, It can still help because It allows you to use less capital to start your industry and it can be a factor for a new industrialist with a small wallet…

what you mine is not free but it requires less money on your wallet because you are not obliged to buy those minerals.

Yes , I’m CEO of a small corp that helps new players into mining and industry

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