Mining your minerals vs Buying them

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I recently started my Industry career, with three characters : one with the Industry skills and training for a Mining Barge, one with Mining Barge and training for Exhumers and the last one being a hauler alt training for an Orca.

I plan on staying in Ship manufacturing. Now want I want to know is : is it better to mine my ore with my characters (in NullSec), or should simply buy them on the nearest market ?

For exemple : my first BPC is the one of an Hyperion. In three days of mining with the second character (and the hauling alt in a Miasmos), I don’t have the minerals for the job, and my mining alt have some pretty decent reprocessing skills. Should I keep mining in 0.0 belts to get max profit, or should I sell everything to buy the minerals on the market and only get ~10 millions ISK ?

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Sasha Viderzei.

This really depends on the time you have, the corp yolu are in, the support you have, the skills you have etc etc. It’s a somewhat complex question!

I live in WH space so logistics is a more pressing concern than getting a few extra ISK per mineral unit. It’s also easier for my corpies to just sell the ore/minerals to indy’s like myself in our home system for the same reason. If I’m in home and the system is on lockdown with an ore site I may well go and mine, If I only havea shorter time available to me I’ll go hunting/sort my PI/sort my manufacturing etc.

I’d suggest looking for a null group if you don’t mind the politics, or a WH group if you don’t mind learning to itigate the increased risk. Obviously I’d recommend WH space :slight_smile:

I’m already in a Null Corp ^^
But thanks anyways :slight_smile:

If you are, then why do you ask these questions on a public forum? Your alliance, and your coalition buddy CONDI, must surely have the answers to your questions.

In that case it’s simply a matter of calculating the cost of time and effort in mining enough ore for the minerals compared to the ISK cost of importing the minerals or compressed ore for the minerals from buy orders. I buy my minerals as compressed ore as I want to spend most of my time manufacturing and running PI etc rather than mining.

Because more people are on the forums.

Don’t mind them they are like most people reactive instead of proactive, like it has been pointed out buy them saves time, considering you live in dull a nice outing can fetch you some nice ratting prizes, sell them buy minerals, BUT, if your mining skills are strong, mining your own stuff for say an item that has low minerals may be worth your time to do, totally up to you on your game time vs RL time to enjoy gaming.

Your best bet is likely to place buy orders in your corp/alliance main market. Some minerals i.e. tritanium are overproduced in nullsec and it isn’t worth the cost to transport them to highsec for sale. Why mine the stuff if you can buy it for 2-3 isk/unit. Others like mexallon tend to be in short supply and may be worth your while to mine ores rich in mexallon like Gneiss.

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It all depends on few things, you can mail me in-game and ill answer few questions for you. But basically i mine only specific ores in null. The ores depends off the market prices of the minerals.

If you enjoy mining, and can regularly make the time work for you then incorporate it into your planning and play time period. Have fun!

If its something you tolerate doing from time to time when u need something semi-afkish. But cant always make the time for it… Do it, but supplement by buying in addition at lower volume/ good price.

If you loathe mining, and would rather do anything else in eve with your playtime, then dont force yourself, just buy.

If you mine, you make isk with mining.
If you just make items from bought minerals you are doing manufacturing.
If you make an item which is only “profitable” when you mine the materials yourself, you are losing time and isk.

Nothing wrong with mining, but dont confuse mining and manufacturing profits.

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the relevant question here is: Is the ISK/Hour of putting those alts into VNIs and ratting greater or less than the value of minerals they can mine per hour?

If it’s greater, go with the VNIs.
If not, mine.

Since you can fly a barge, I would advise to do ice mining. I have heard rumors that all jump drives will need more isotopes soon and mining ice is the source of isotopes.
Null has the best ice anomalies and you don’t need to have sov to have access to ice.

Ask your alliance buddies what capitals they are flying and mine the isotopes for them. Strontium is always desired and depending on what they need, you can make good profit.

It really comes down to what you enjoy doing.

Mining will require time, however since you are in nullsec, you can get ALL the ores you need to manufacture ship hulls (as opposed to being in highsec where you will lack a few minerals due to the ores available there).

Things to consider:

  1. The time it will take to mine. Do you want to spend that time mining, or doing other things? If you place buy orders on the market, it will allow you to do other things such as rat (which you can also reprocess the loot you get from ratting for more minerals).
  2. How much liquid isk do you have available to you? If its more than you need, then you might as well put up buy orders regardless. Buy orders depend on the region, but if theres no benchmark to go on, you can try Jita Buy Prices 5-10% on the buy orders. People will sell to you at those levels since it saves them from having to haul.

I personally dont manufacture much at all, however when I do, I place buy orders for minerals on market and will reprocess ratting loot. I only really mine for ice, or during moon mining operations.

Hope this helps.

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