Newbro industry questions

I created this character just for industry and before i start training/injecting skills i want to make sure i head in the right direction. My idea/goal is to build certain items & ships that I can sell away from trade hubs in areas such as FW space or close to null entry points. My main question is do I mine my own minerals which means ill need to spend skillpoints into mining OR do I buy my mins so instead focus my skillpoints in that direction??

Thanks in advance to all and any feedback!

That’s not a thing.

Depends on your scope. If you just want to build one or two ships per day, you can mine your own minerals. If you have lots of miners, you can mine minerals for more things. But if you want to produce many things in considerable volumes, you buy the minerals and ship them/have them shipped to your production places.
Or you buy the compressed ore and refine it near your production place and ship the minerals to your production plant. But that requires lots of reprocessing skills to be efficient.

I would investigate the “ship” side of your goals as ships tend to have little to no profit in them

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Jita, today:
Average T1 Cruisers profit 11%. ISK/hr 405,000
Average T1 Battleships profit 6%, ISK/hr 2,802,000
Your spreadsheet will be different, profits rise and fall, etc.

On the OP question if you enjoy mining, go for it! If you don’t you could try putting up Mineral Buy Orders in your local system.

If you mine the minerals yourself they are free. :stuck_out_tongue:

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