To mine or buy? that's the question

Hey peeps, it’s been a minute since I’ve been in the industry scene, but I’m diving back in with the idea of “build what I want” and I’m at a bit of a crossroads.

I’ve been on the hunt for the nefarious Nocxium - found some good belts in a lowsec system ( we do get anoms in null but seem to be picked clean ). On one hand, I can mine the ores & reprocess cuz I have the skills, and get the nocxium. On the other, I could just mine the most isk/m3 ore and buy the nocxium ( thus min/maxing I guess ). I do run crystals type A II and can fully fit a hulk - so i’m not concerned about yields.

While I haven’t really settled on what to build, I know ore is a needed commodity to just about everything, so I was wondering what everyone else does and why? Do you buy, or mine, and why?

In the past I bartered privately with select folks to trade ores in terms of m3 equivalent, which gives me access to minerals they mine and them access to minerals I mine. This ignores ISK and optimizes for “mining time” (which is what the accumulation of m3 is) instead, so you would have to find like-minded business partners for this to work.

Currently i am building things for me. I mine everything myself because i enjoy owning things i have build myself.

When i (eventually) start building things for the market i will most likely just buy the stuff on the spot IF it does not cut to far into profits.

I get Nocxium by buying meta 1+ modules and reprocessing them. Most of the time they are cheaper than what you get from reprocessing them.

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