Checking to see if I am missing something. I have long term minerals set up at each trade hub and almost all of them have been bought out. In addition there are only remnants of mineral sales in Amarr.

Something big going on that I am not aware of?

Patch/nerf to mining in both null and high sec today. Noxcium prices are going to go through the roof.

Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t aware this nerf affected more then trit/pyer. So I take it this purchasing is all speculation.

There’s no speculation to it. Check the Nox prices already.

Fun fact: I’ve been doing the career agents (to fix my standings in empire space), and some of the NPE missions require you to build stuff with minerals not found in the newb systems… and now this. :slight_smile:

Fun times to join the game.

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Finally getting around to reading the Dev Post about it. Are they taking away all ore belts, and replacing with moon mining only?

There are still ore belts, just with greatly reduced quantities in the asteroids. Something along the lines of a 90% reduction in some cases.

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I’m guessing it has something to do with Titans getting cranked out like frigates in null due to the sheer amount of ore being sucked up by Rorquals.

Explains why my buy orders have been slow filling out recently.

If you are struggling for minerals for the career agents send me an in-game mail, I’ll help you out.


Just went through readjusting my spreadsheet total, its looking like every large ship on the market is going to be under priced. Debatable to buy up a few… for example, Rokh material cost just went up to 172m, with Taxes, Brockerage, and a 10% profit this puts it around 199m. Up from the current 130m sale value.

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