Mineral supplies on the market

At the moment Isogen is hitting a all time low and who knows even come below 40 ISK per unit.
As for most minerals they have a downward wave pattern in price reduction over the years.
CCP already implanted measures this year to counter the downward trend, but for some reason some people increased their efforts to punish the “poor decision” made from within ccp to state it doesn’t work anyway.

My questions to you is;
Do you think CCP will take more measures in the short future to counter this downward price trend?
What kind of mechanics would bring it back in balance in your opinion?

Also a little disclaimer:
Please keep your answer short if possible.
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It is just the bottleneck mechanism I think.
Within a group of materials, only the bottleneck material are worth while the other types are essentially garbage. The composition of demand can be affected by introducing new stuffs into the game, but that process can take several months.
Two examples I remember is the rogue drone components and salvage. 2 years ago when I played EVE, the most valuable salvage was Armor Plates(100k) and Burned Logic Circuit(50-60k) but now Contaminated Lorentz Fluid had taken the lead at around 200k. Similarly, you can see price peaks of Drone Cerebral Fragment in January and Drone Coronary Unit in Feb-Mar.

Meanwhile, I think the reduced price of mineral means reduced price of T1 ships which is pretty good for new players.


For minerals nearly every kind is used except for morphite.
It’s like every kind is used only different quantities.
Also pyerite and and tritanium is going down considerable which are the main ingredients in manufacturing. :orange_heart:

I believe the extended skill set for alphas in part is being done to create demand (which creates demand for minerals).

They aren’t giving alphas extended abilities for manufacturing or mining… just for using ships and modules… which should spur purchases for those ships and modules.

Another thing they’re changing is the timers on citadels/space structures… making them easier to destroy. Citadels require a fair amount of raw minerals to create.

I think this shows CCP’s looking at trying to boost the demand side rather than nerf mineral production again.

One other consideration… Caldari space does not include Omber except in Anomalies. Omber is a decent source of Isogen.

With the introduction of Forward Observation Bases (FOB), I know of some Hi sec miners who shifted to Gal and Minmitar zones to avoid being killed by the new rats connected with the FOBs. As such, they are seeing far more Omber, which means more Isogen.

That said, I don’t know if this is a net gain or balanced by miners moving out of Amarr space as well. Amarr has kernite which is a good Isogen source as well.

Still as Caldari tends to be the mist populous due to proximity to Jita, the amarr kernite may not be as big a factor. If this is the case, then the Isogen supply is now in abundance and prices will drop till it stabilizes at whatever level matches the new supply.

@Lena_Crews that sure might help, but is it a side effect or do you think it’s also focused on the mineral market? :philippines:

@Lady_Ayeipsia It’s about the whole the mineral market, not isogen :middleparrot:

I think the alpha changes definitely took mineral prices and manufacturing into account. No additional mining or manufacturing skills were given to alphas… and I think they were looking at the economic situation when they made that call.

The citadel changes… harder to say. It’s clear that destruction of assets in the game create demand. It’s clear that CCP is trying to get more destruction of assets. It’s not as clear if the REASON for creating that destruction is the economy or just general gameplay. I’d guess they took the economy into account… but I wouldn’t be able to prove it in any way.

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It might be related to the new moon composition. Every m3 of moon ore contains large amounts of all kinds of minerals, apart from the shiny red one.

the trend was long before the moon update, if moon is also going to affect that in a way that would be even a bigger problem :guam:

The chart’s a little noisy but the trend is clear over the past three years. More recently they’d been more stable, but have dived again in the past week or so.

Supply/demand (as measured by quantity in open sell/buy orders) doesn’t seem to have shifted quite so drastically.

Tritanium over the same period, conversely, has maintained most of its value.

(Sources: ESI, EMDR before that; cluster-wide median prices.)

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You talk like high sec has still any effect on the mineral prices.

These days, a single nullsec region mines ~5 times more than all of highsec combined …


T1 hulls were always cheap because of insurance …

Quoted for truth.

They say that they do not export these minerals though.

Yes if it’s correct for example in delve, all ores mined are used in production inside and stay in delve

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