Isogen future?

Curious of peoples opinions on where/ how high Isogen prices will get. I have to believe massive stockpiles of this mineral are out there but also have to think that current production is a mere fraction of what it used to be.

My thoughts are possibly the 200 isk range. Am I crazy?

Considering it already flattened out after initial spike and CCP will only bring more resources out there with future mineral redistribution. You probable won’t see much more than that initial 60 mark.

All people that ■■■■ their pants about mining forget that this is only last part or shortage phase. Redistribution of minerals only start from here and this is not final state of mining. Faster we will burn thru stockpiles faster next step will come.

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Also bear in mind that there is no shortage of Isogen rich ore - it’s just riskier to harvest. As the price goes up, so will the incentive to accept that risk. As for those who believe no one will will be crazy enough to mine in lowsec - probably the same people who thought no one would be crazy enough to risk a Rorqual on-grid after the command burst update! Players will figure out a way to make it work.

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I agree with your idea that as price rises more will risk it, but lets be honest… Most, not all high sec miners want as little risk as possible, some might venture out to low sec, and null sec miners who I have spoken to tell me they get aboutt 400-600m an hr with 3 ships, I dont personally know. So a question would be what price would it have to get to for the risk to be worth it to the ones who would take on more risk, and the ones who already take some risk mining, what price is it where they make more per hour for approximately same/ different risk. Thank you for your thought and good points! :slight_smile:

I posted yesterday because in Jita it had only 2 sell orders that were 89 days left. All others were at 80 days or less. I had noticed that after that big purchase spike of about 5B m3, the price shot up like you said, to about 54 isk m3… then it slowly fell down to about 35-40isk per m3. yesterday it was back over 50 isk and today it seems a lot of new orders were made, but only to the toon (pun intended) of about 150M m3, less then ones days total sales on average. I assume every time the price hits a new high people will sell out of their stockpiles (the people who hoarded/ speculated) but at the same time I wonder if industrilists get a little nervous and will themselves stockpile so they have secured minerals for a period of time. I really like your points and you are correct that this will pass. It is just very intriguing to me. I appreciate you adding to this discussion! :slight_smile:

I logged on recently after not playing for a while. I’ve noticed that omber is no longer in the 0.7 system I like to mine in. Oh well. I’m not going to low security space to mine for anything. I just have no time for the ganker kiddies who only want to ruin the gaming experience of others.

So many idiots here think Eve is a mirror of real life, with their gibberish about “risk and reward” blah blah blah. It isn’t a mirror of anything. It’s just a game. Unfortunately, like every online game, it’s dominated by foul mouthed young people who have no interest in this beautiful science fiction universe. Open the mining chat in-game and see…the last time I did that, the idiots were talking about…porn stars.

Thank goodness I have only an alpha account. I would never pay to be a part of this nonsense.

I think there is truth that the risk reward ratio is not the same as real life, since it is just a game. really good point.

So today in Jita the isogen sell price was back up to 52 isk, after dipping down to the mid 40’s ( not in Jita now to check the price but last week it dropped) the run up here is also based on pretty low daily volume of about 100-200m m3.

So that makes me wonder if the Isogen reserves are not being put on the market anymore (I am sure when/if the price rises some will come up, selling at 75 or 100 will have a lot of speculators very happy)

The data which is not available that I wonder about is what it the current universes average daily mined/reprocessed amount compared to what is used up in industry… along with remaining stockpiles.

I will bet higher isogen prices will happen from the 52 isk point. with the caveat that CCP doesnt make any additional changes. ( I know changes will come, but they didnt specify any time frame)

I will say I find this more intriguing every day. I only have questions, for all we know 50B m3 are out there waiting to be sold.

If you are into industry, I would look at the option of keeping a longer then usual stockpile on hand. nothing crazy but enough that you dont have to stop your production lines. I know I have.

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