Mining grinds my gears

CCP added Asteroid belt anomalies so they can control the price of minerals. Or at least that was the intention. Oh isogen is spiking lets tweak the spawn rate of isogen ore via anomalies. The idea was that they would stabilize the price! But the result is they are destabilizing the price, because they increase the spawn rate of isogen, which sooner or later will create a glut, and then they have to increase the spawn rate of something else. So the price never really stabilizes even if that was the intention. Anyway thats besides my point. Its kind of annoying that you have Asteroid belts and Asteroid belt anomalies. Its like a schism. Like, stick to one or the other please.

But also why are there 3 variants of each ore? Who asked for Concentrated Veldspar for example? What sort of enjoyment do players get out of finding Ore in a belt that yields 5% more than another Ore. It just makes the other Ore less appealing. And you feel like you are losing when you arent mining the 10% ores. Its bad from a payer perspective.

So please CCP, make this simpler. Be smart and keep things simple. Its easier for you to manage in the long term as well.

After the DT respawn, when first miners start to gnaw at a belt they usually begin mining best yield asteroids. Those that are left are finished by latecomers.

It would become extremely boring to just aim for the nearest rock and not for the nearest best yield rock.

This is fine by me. I like variety. That indecisiveness moments when one wonders where to start? Some decisions to make.

Aiming for a rock that yields 10% more is hardly more challenging, engaging or rewarding compared to if you just aimed at any veldspar rock and knew what you got. Trust me. Mining will be better if they removed the 5% and 10% variants. And so will industry that revolves mostly around base minerals due to simplifying the spreadsheets and the liquidity for each ore type will also improve since the buy orders for each ore will not be spread out over 3 different variants.

Also as a side note im just going to leave this here. The mineral price index.

Seems like CCP should try harder to “stabilize prices” or not have bothered at all in the first place

No if you aim multiple rocks a time, when you are in a mining fleet. Mine 10 rocks of 10% better yield rocks and 11th is for free - saving you time. This is again a proof that EVE is better played in a group. Just like it is IRL :slight_smile:

You won’t build Giza Pyramids alone (unless you’re some demi-god).

The minerals price index chart might just show that demand surpasses the supply. Which is why you should mine better yield rocks. To drive that index lower.

Why? Isn’t variety the spice of life?

If you’re feeling like you’re loosing out when you’re not mining concentrated… or the 10% variety. Mine the good stuff out first, then do the less appealing ore. It’ll be less efficient to be moving around than just sitting and mining standard ore anyway.

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