Mining system improvement

In reality asteroids aren’t composed of pure minerals, so mining one could lead to having small quantities of rare minerals otherwise found in low sec/ 0.0 systems. This mechanic could be, proportional to the quality of the laser / strip miner used and could be an attribute of those modules (probability to obtain rare minerals).
IMO this could be a good cache to new and old players.

We had a reallocation of mineral availability only a few months ago. Little chance this will change any time soon.

I had a similar thought except my idea was the longer a belt went without being mined the greater the chance for rarer asteroids to form .

Unlikely to ever happen though despite the fact CCP plan to allow null sec access to basic ores I doubt they will allow high access to rarer ones , it would be against there ‘get out there and die more’ policy

And stop right there.

The goal of eve isn’t to be realistic. It’s to make an engaging game with meaningful choice.

If i can get high end minerals in hisec, why would i ever go anywhere else? How would low sec miners get the pay they deserve for mining in dangerous space?

The recent redistribution of minerals lets the player driven market adjust rewards for miners as appropriate with as little interference as possible from CCP.

If no one mines in lowsec, the price of nocx and iso goes up and low sec miners get paid more. And vice versa, all the people mining in hi-sec are driving down eachothers prices from over farming.

It’s really upto you.

If you want to get paid more, take on the extra risk. Or be happy with hi-sec rewards.

Meaningful choice.

Pretty sure it was CCP that chose to remove high sec mining anomalies , also pretty sure I didn’t choose to add low sec gases to ship parts . Still got the choice whether to mine them myself or not but it definitely imo reveals CCP s policy to encourage people to risk more if they want to partake of high sec industry .

What is ‘high sec industry’?

Thought that was self explanatory really . Which bit of high sec and industry is confusing you ?

Explain it to me like I’m five.

As far as i know, there is no industry that is more or less available in any area of space except reactions and super building. Neither of which are in hi-sec.

So, what industry are you talking about when you say ‘high sec industry’? Do you mean a certain blue print? I don’t get it.

Given the context of the conversation I’m referring to gathering and production using the gathered resources .

Then perhaps that’s where your misunderstanding why it’s necessary to separate mineral availability.

‘high sec industry’ by your definition is some ammo and a few mods. There was only a short period of time when you could make all ships from ore found entirely in hi-sec. And it spoiled the game.

The norm is that industry has no ‘sec status’. You were always expected to source your materials from more than just hi-sec. By venturing out or paying someone else to do it for you.

But the most recent change means that nullsec players have to trade with lowsec miners and hi-sec miners. Where as before they could get more than what they needed from null.

I know , I never said this policy of CCP’s was something new did I

No, but you clearly took exception to it being referred to as meaningful choice. You are clearly upset over CCP making changes that promote said meaningful choice.

And you definitely have some misconceptions about ‘high sec industry’.

Just giving examples of how CCP’s policy is implemented . At the end of the day someone has to take the extra risk involved even if I choose not to .


Never said I liked the policy did I .

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