Null sec asteroid belts need more ore added to asteroids across the board!

I understand that ccp wants to push for null sec to required more goods from low sec. in a lot systems that have normal belts we need an increase in volume of ore per asteroid. Why does the belt only have a little over 1.5k units in each rock of kernite and the high classes of Kernite have less than that. Making it extremely difficult to get enough when we have some kind of supply.

Kernite is the only way of getting isogen in null sec. and a normal asteroid belt does barely give enough to make a cruiser it seems.

CCP stop breaking your game!

That was their way of deleting the rorqual without actually deleting the rorquals.

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yeah i know but WE need more ore in order to do our jobs.

or at least put it in to r16 or r32 ores so that we can have a way of getting it hell even nox being in r64 would be worth it

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