Asteroid belts in null

Ccp; if there aren’t going to be any rocks in regular asteroid belts in null, please remove them from the overview.
They serve no purpose, apparently. I don’t necessarily want to remove asteroid belts from my custom overview, because I have a lot of highsec mining alts.


I’m sure they’ll get to it right away.
Doesn’t matter if anyone disagrees.
You shouldn’t be forced to change your own overview.
Everyone’s overview should be changed instead!

What matters is that you get what you want.

Another ■■■■ post from solstice projekt. Go figure.

Besides being an a hole all over the forums, do you actually have any input as to why asteroid belts with no asteroids should exist?


Honorable 1v1 at the top asteroid belt.

Sorry, all the ore has been mined out. Please try a different game.

currently in ORE Null and theres pyroxes in the belts here, almost like a big troll from ccp

why nerf miners when mineral prices are already through the roof?

There IS ore in belts in Null. Find it and quit whining.

No wonder Devs don’t spend any time in these forum… bunch of whiners and unsavory characters in here :roll_eyes:

Not in any of the systems I go through, and I’m on from server restart until late at night.

The point is, in the systems there are no asteroids in asteroid belts, there shouldn’t be asteroid belts listed.

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There probably is ore. It’s just that someone beat you to it.

Regardless. Asteroid belts are celestials. Something anyone can always warp to.

Before planets had materials they too served no meaningful purpose, but you could still warp to them.

I understand. There’s a LOT that shouldn’t be in EVE but yet they are.
I know it’s stupid and frustrating to see asteroid belts in the overview and when you get there there’s nothing.
That’s just the way the game is made. Nothing we can do about it.
Move on and try something else.
I’ve hung out in empty asteroid belts for long minutes just to see what would happen. Pirates show up and I can rat them. At least it’s something. Didn’t make the trip for nothing.

Today the game bugged.
My ship kept aligning “to a point in space” for no reason.
I couldn’t play under those circumstances.
I signed off and watched a movie.

No hemor"rhoids" in null… What a shame.


Planets added immersion to the game and was the anchor point for moons which served as anchor points for POS’s.

Regardless of that, they could still be viewed even though, as you said, at that time they didn’t provide a meaningful purpose.

Anyway, the OP has a point. In fact CCP should probably code Asteroid Belts to be like Ice Fields and Gas Clouds and not show on Overview when they expire.


Can’t confirm but do rats still spawn at them, if so they are important to ratters even if empty.

Ore anoms should replace most belts in any case.

I believe they do.

And npc mining gangs may sit in them idle.

And GunStars remain present even after the ore is gone.

Years and years they have done this, year after year they will continue, unfortunately change is difficult for many.

I agree that maybe CCP should change that overview if it isn’t relevant but it would mean major code change to do that, kind of removing the yolk from the egg while the shell is intact.

Rats do spawn in them, but null ratters go to Sig’s, not belts.

As | understand it overview settings are currently applied on a per account basis, which is counterintuitive because many people have specialised alts that require a specific overview setup. Having overview settings applied on a per character basis would solve the OP’s gripe and actually makes more sense than the current implementation, it’s an issue that has been brought up several times over the years.

There are workarounds for the issue, one of which is making full use of the overview tabs to have different setups for hisec and nullsec as well as dedicated activities.


There is such a thing as belt ratting, not all null ratters are going to go to sigs, as unless they’ve changed the spawn system certain things like officers spawn at belts.
Which means that there is a point behind the beacons existing.

I’ve heard tales of these officers, but never seen one or met anyone in game that has. Apparently they drop good stuff.
If they only spawn in belts, I guess that constitutes a reason to keep empty belts.
I hadn’t considered the pvp applications for empty belts, so I thank those involved for opening my eyes.

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