What if asteroid belts became more attractive the less they're mined?

Instead of stacking everyone in one place, what if asteroids became more awesome over time, and so an undermined belt became more attractive over time?

Each day, probably after downtime, resources could be randomly added to belts. If the resources get mined, they’re mined. If they don’t get mined, they remain, and there’s a random chance that they’ll get more awesome stuff added to them, and so over time, an belt that is untouched could be discovered as THE MOTHERLOAD!??!??!?!?!?!

I know, right now, people get everything they need from moons or whatever. Fine, whatever. I’m not saying make every asteroid belt super delicious over night, or even super delicious with-in months. But, one a scale of if a belt isn’t mined for like a year, it would be super sweet. Two years, and why hasn’t anyone mined it yet!? Three years, and anyone want to buy an empire?

This of course would encourage the belts to get mined often, which should keep things fairly average… but… there may be some belt that goes unmined, or multiples… and, then they could have very, super, huge rocks, full of all sorts of rare minerals, and someone could come across them and get super-super lucky.

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They already grow if they are not mined. Why are you suggesting changes to the game without knowing anything about it?


No, ■■■■ off.

Doesn’t happen with NPC ravishing most belts in eve into oblivion.

So untouched asteroid belts naturally get larger overtime? Makes sense in a scientific sort of manner but this is a video game where huge alliances own swathes of dozens of systems they cannot and will never use themselves except to try and lure renters in to pay them free ISK while acting as a buffer to PvP roaming and defensive meat shields to their core systems from invaders until they move out and make space for more renters to repeat the cycle of educating people who don’t know how to play the game themselves yet.

How does letting them grow untouched encourage people to mine them more? If your a huge alliance who only likes to stack up in one spot at a time this just means letting your unused systems grow and then mining them out completely only on a lengthy time basis for yet more opportunities for overly saturated botting and multiboxing in the game.

Oh I get it, they will mine them more because after waiting a year their entire alliance will drop into that one system to mine out all those extra ore build ups…

Wait, then what will happen to all the opportunities in the renting-for-dummies part of the game? I don’t think the boost in ore will be worth the loss of Rent income, meat shielding with p2w newbs, exposure to more PvP directed at your alliance members and the logistical nightmare of actually making use of 90% of the systems an alliance owns but never visits or uses themselves.

I know you think this sounds like a great idea but I don’t think you really considered it from all angles for your alliance, the drawbacks of no longer having huge sums of territory you don’t need to use or defend anymore for yourself and all the other uses they no longer could have indirectly doesn’t make it seem as worthwhile as you make it sound to be.

That is a good suggestion if CCP removed Ore Anomalies and moved those ores into the pool of gradually growing asteroids in normal belts. That way we would already have resource depletion implemented without any additional coding required that a new depletion system would require and some systems would be way more valuable than others, namely those few systems with a large number of belts. Ore Anomalies could also be turned back into signatures that rarely appear and could contain really high value ores.

If CCP did that it would also mean that the diamond rats could finally do their intended job in null sec. Since they are confined to normal belts, they do not interfere at all with anomaly mining and thus are pointless. If ore could only be sourced from normal belts, these rats would pose a measurable threat to miners.

If you’re talking specifically about nullsec, any group worth their salt will have plenty of Carriers able to handle diamond rats with zero problem. We used to clear them for fun daily when they were first introduced. They have a hard cap on the number of ships that appear. At worst, you lose a couple of fighters, but that’s all.

They only pose a risk to greedy solo pilots who leave the fleet/group to try and go mine on their own.

Losing more fighters is better than nothing and having to shoot stuff is also better than not having to shoot serious stuff in inert ore anoms. All of my quotes are better than what we have now.

Besides, these diamond rats would also remove some of the ore from the pool which is another reason for their existence and which would be meaningful again if 95% of the mined ore was not withheld from them in ore anoms. Another reason to get rid of ore anoms, ore anom ore rolled into belts, the diamond rats pushed back into their intended role and a resource depletion system that already works. I only see positives.

I don’t think you understand though.

The impact that your statements would have would result in smaller groups getting completely destroyed by diamond rats. Small and Medium sized corporations that are trying to get a handle in nullsec (NPC sov or Player sov) would get attacked periodically and forced to retreat from these belts. They would not have the large groups of bored pilots in Carrier ready to hunt down a bunch of NPCs.

If it’s bad enough that they actually pose a “measurable threat” like you say, all this would do is make people want to join together in larger alliances to avoid getting chased off by diamond rats.

If you have a bunch of idle Carriers, diamond rats serve no threat at all. If all you can muster is a small group of 10 or so people without capital ships, you better hope they’re all skilled and are properly fitted to fend off diamond rats.

The rich would get richer and everyone else would struggle. Whether or not that’s your intent, it’s likely the result.

No, it would not result in that. You do not need that many people to take care of diamond rats. I have been able to do it with 10 guys in some Rattles with logis. What destroys small groups is the current state of things, not the removal or ore anoms and rolling of ore content into normal belts. You do not get that point.
Another point that one could make is to get your standings up with the local pirate factions to actually use as protection them against attackers or at least not to get bothered by them. Some people are already doing that to bubble camp NPC stations in NPC areas within their regions to prevent attackers from moving around freely. This opens up another venue to attack local sov holders by interfering with their mission farming to get standings.

They pose a threat to carriers without logis. They also distract those carriers from other duties like being ready to protect Rorquals elsewhere from player interaction.

That is not the case here because the belts deplete and take time to replenish. A small group has a much harder time to strip these belts of all their ore because they have a lot smaller numbers. Large Rorqual fleets from bigger groups, on the other hand, strip through these belts in no time. The result is going to be what I portrayed it to be.

Nice. I got you to realize that your earlier statement was wrong. Cool beans.

I don’t really care beyond this tbh. The proposed change is dumb and CCP won’t implement it like most other bad ideas. I just wanted to make sure you knew that the diamond rats weren’t actually a threat, and talking about them as if they were is misleading.

Excuse me? So, everyone lost their mind over nothing when drifters invaded null sec and the most powerful coalition in null sec canceled their war because of a few Drifter NPC that you can easily kill with a few carriers or T1 destroyers even? IF you really believe that they do not pose a measurable threat just because you can kill them with a few carriers and think you have proven me wrong in my assumptions, you are as funny as always.

That goes for your reasoning against it as well. Especially since you just said CCP would not implement more bad ideas when they just announced a Triglavian dread. You really are showing just how clueless you are. ^^

Misleading, okay.

Please explain.

Well if your not trolling maybe you might want to educate yourself with a documentary about how gravity operates and effects the formation of matter in the universe.

Very basic, the universe is full of a lot of dust and gas and overtime all that matter slowly attracts together creating larger objects with increased mass that increases it’s attraction pulling more dust, gas and other objects with more mass towards them.

Asteroid belts attract more asteroids to gather into them and also form larger asteroids.

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They grow in size and density, they don’t get different minerals overtime. A veldspar will always be a veldspar.

There are pretty large swaths of space that are empty (and/or waiting for renters, which means empty).

With people stacking up in systems, not venturing out, there’s no need to fight for territory any more.

There’s no need to risk trespassing on another’s territory either.

I’m trying to come up with says of creating points of conflict, and ways to increase the risk vs reward thing.

Because, right now in Eve I’m seeing a ton of reward with very minimal risk, and hearing a lot of people crying about ISK-Inflation, and lack of ‘content.’ (Eve has tons of content! There’s just no reason for anyone to risk using it, from the way I see it. There’s tons more content when I first started playing… but there’s less real-life players it seems. Number of logged on accounts is about the same, but now its less people with more accounts. - There’s very little in Eve you can’t do while multi-boxing.

People who don’t multi-box come in and feel at a disadvantage for not multi-boxing. [I’m not one of them, I multi-box like crazy. I’ve got more accounts than I actually use, and I use a lot.] People need to be rewarded for having a single account, just as they’re rewarded for having multiple accounts. I’m fine with multi-boxing [I do it! I like it. Its always been part of Eve, and it always will be as long as Eve exists. They could make it not work on a single computer and people with multiple computers would do it, and everyone with only one computer would cry… there’s no stopping it. They shouldn’t try. But, they should reward people who only play a single account. But Eve should not become a high-APM game [Unless you’re multiboxing combat]… I’ve always loved the low-APM. But it should require people to pay attention more, for some thing. That used to be travel. Now, its nothing.

There are things in Eve which require very little to no attention at all. PI (or PP) is awesome! Virtually no APM. It’s like 18 APM a week for me to do PI. PI is great!

Moving that PI from system to system shouldn’t be a cake-walk however, IMO. But, I am getting off topic.)

If Belts become more valuable in terms of materials, and not just size, overtime, it gives krabs a reason to move, without forcing them to move. And supply and demand, someone’s going to mine it.

You say this literally EVERY time something beside the current status is mentioned creative or not…

YOU are the problem here not suggestions you deny out of a single purpose : the were not your idea…

You mister are simply envy…

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I think the problem is that in today’s eve so much power and control is too centralized between the competition that exists at the top they no longer need to fight one another, there is nothing at stake as there is only loss to be made trying to gain that which is not needed anymore.

Leaving little room for smaller factions to compete over these abandoned territories as doing so just makes them targets in the eyes of larger alliances who only want to look for easy targets in desperate search for new content while avoiding conflicts with their equivalent opponents that comes with too much risk for rewards no longer desired.

They have all they need so why waste the effort or assets to compete over something you don’t need anymore as opposed to hunting prey like the dominant predators they have become. Predators don’t kill each other for survival unless the prey becomes scarce.

Fortunately there are still enough new players to prey upon so survival is assured for the most dominant predators in the game. Unfortunately this means that the overall spirit for challenge and competition is lost on the games most developed players and groups. Leaving all the challenge and desire to gain anything with the same new players who are being preyed upon, giving them everything to gain, the least to lose.

Then you take into account multi-boxing. These new players really don’t stand a chance do they? Adapt or…join or die (or leave)? I think new players will always take the path of least resistance, why should the veterans do the same?

A conundrum for sure.

What could they change about the game to get 16 years of developed competitors to actually compete again? Is this the real problem?

Hard to find an answer without asking more questions.

Personally, when it comes to my experience with PvP in any game, the competitors are always the minority. Most players would rather only choose to play that which they can win, avoiding taking chances where they might lose. Resulting in grief mentality of a majority of veterans constantly hunting new players for sport more than competition between each other at the same level.

I don’t believe Eve is any exception to that standard across PvP in any games, the majority will always choose to play that which is easier for them. It takes extremely rare and exceptional kinds of players who want to compete with one another even if there is even odds they will lose.

Most people are cowards, they always have been they always will be. Some change but the lack of balance between those who desire challenge and those who desire only victory always will be the same.

If you take offense to this it is either because you are a coward or you just don’t understand that it is true. Real players would understand what I am talking about because they know what it means to look for challenge and competition in a game, it means taking risks, accepting losses and only winning because of much struggle and effort.

Anything less would not satisfy them, to these kinds of players even losing a hard fight would be better than winning an easy one.

How about asteroid belts refreshing weekly instead of daily?


That’s actually a clever idea. It would encourage more systems to be used, and likely drive up ore prices.

What if asteroid belts became more attractive the less they’re mined?

Ooooohhhh sexy asteroid belt …

Watching my “mining laser” stroke your “asteroid” gets my heart pumping. Deeper and deeper my “mining laser” penetrates into you, until you “explode” into thousand tiny pieces spreading everywhere.

I am looking forward to “stripping” you down …