Mining Overhaul: Actively Engaging

CCP has made a number of changes to mining that have made minerals far too available, but have no reduced the AFK/low engagement/bottability of mining. Some of these changes regard ship balance (Rorquals), but most of the changes involve the availability of ores. I will not address ship balance in this post, but simply address mining as an activity that could use some love.

The changes CCP have made include:

  • The removal of Gravimetric Sites and their replacement with “Ore Site” anomalies that can be directly warped to from the Probe Scanner.
  • Subsequent removal of the need to even scout for “Ore Site” anomalies due to their addition to the Agency.
  • The ability to upgrade NullSec systems to have near permanent “Ore Site” anomalies.
  • The addition of massive amounts of Tritanium/Mexallon/Pyrite to various lower-security ore types.
  • Moon mining, which now breaks the original distribution of ores from HiSec to NullSec and causes even more mineral input when the primary goal is moongoo.

Additionally, though not a change, is the fact that almost every system in EVE Online has asteroids belts, and multiple belts at that, which regenerate continually.

I propose the following changes to reduce the flow of minerals to the market and to make mining more engaging and less bottable:

  • Put asteroid belts on the same mechanic as ice fields. Systems with available sites would contain X number of fields, each a different size (small, medium, large, enormous), and each would have it’s own random 1-4 hour timer. When the field is depleted, an RNG of 1-4 is generated and the timer begins. No predictability. LORE: The Probe Scanner actually receives this information from the fluid router net as the Empires/SOV holders continually survey their systems for appropriate gravimetric nodes to be mined. Due to the distances involved and the navigational hazards most asteroid fields present, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort for a suitable location to be scanned.
  • The fields would also be mobile - asteroids in the field would move in roughly the same direction at varying speeds, away from the initial warp in, with a max range of 2,000km before individual despawning (once the last rock is despawned, timer for respawn begins). Higher yield asteroids would be smaller and move faster than the larger, lower yield asteroids. The framework exists for this to be possible - asteroids already move when a moon chunk is detonated and can despawn right in your face.
  • The direction of the field would be indicated by the asteroid environment effect extending behind and in front of the field - like the rings of gas giants, but straight.
  • Asteroid belts (at least some) replaced with “depleted asteroid belts” which would still have some small rocks that can be mined. LORE: ■■■■ just got mined out over 20 years of non-stop capsuleer harvesting, not to mention the hundreds of years of faction development.
  • Add environmental effects to asteroid fields, randomly generated from a list of possible effects when the field spawns. Some effects could be: Changes to ship velocity/agility, changes to mining laser (yield, range, cycle time, chance for crystal damage), continuous or random damage done to ships, effects on ship capacitor, effects on fleet assistance modules, etcetc. A different effect each time the field spawns (sometimes no effect) that applies to all ships/drones on field out to 200km.
  • Beef up the NPCs that spawn at asteroids. Diamond pirates, Triglavians, and diamond rogue drones are possibilities. Make them more dangerous as you approach 0.5, add scramblers/jamming and response fleets the lower in sec rating you go.
  • Moon fields would still behave the way they do now, with stationary asteroids held in place by a stasis field generated by the refinery. NPCs would make AFKing practically suicide.
  • Additionally, some moons are iceballs. So allow players to generate (small) ice fields instead of ore fields.
  • Why does every moon have resources? Most moons should have garbage.
  • “Ore Site” anomalies in NullSec should function the same way. Upgrading SOV would simply increase the number of fields per system, but not their size or duration.
  • Rorquals bonused for mining moongoo ores.
  • Consolidate reprocessing skills for normal ore the same way ice is one skill and moon ores fall into categories.

The effect would be to make mining more of an active pursuit in EVE Online, reduce the availability of basic materials, and move Rorquals from AFK mining for hours/day at huge, effectively permanent anomalies to moons, where they have the safety of a) not being directly warpable without moons being first scouted and b) the refinery which is hopefully manned. Removal of the OSHT button and reduction in EHP would make up for this change.


The proposals around activity just make mining more work, and not more fun. This is a game not a labour camp. With anything regarding more scarcity, and rewarding initial exploration effort, I’m with you.

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Well, “fun” is entirely subjective.


With the addendum that there are still ‘veldspar fields’ that work like todays asteroid fields.

I don’t see the need for this, or making rocks disappear from under people.

If this is to fight afk mining, can’t i just ‘keep at range’?

Seems unnecessarily complex.

Not sure about this because they still need to be accessible to noobs.

Again concerned about it being too oppressive.

An orca can resist rats afk that a new player couldn’t kill whilst active. If we there for make afk mining in an orcs dangerous, we’re making it extremely difficult for noobs to mine.

Can we please just nerf orca mining yield.

I think we should wait until ice (and fuel block) supply becomes an issue before we do this. Seems like we have plenty at the moment.

If i haven’t commented on a part of the proposal it means I’m not keen but don’t really have an argument against.

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I hate the predictable nature of Ice spawns so I would definitely not agree with this.

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You should try reading the whole post, cuz you’re wrong. Thx.

How can I be wrong about hating the way Ice currently works? It’s an opinion.


Oh I get it! You came in a thread about ore mining to share your off-topic feelings about ice? Well thanks for sharing. Now move along. :sunglasses:

You are the one who used Ice as a basis.

Also way to be a baby and flag posts.

Yes, as a basis to make it less predictable. If you’d read the rest you’d have understood that.

IDK man maybe you have some fetish for looking dumb. No judgement here, but go be a pest somewhere else. Thx.

This just looks like change for the sake of change. Also some of these changes look like a total pain in the ass. I don’t see it having a net positive effect on the game.

@Tipa_Riot nailed it:

Somebody proposed a method similar to X3 (Breaking big chunks into smaller first), this would be more interesting, and can be used to create a minigame around.

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Or we could just focus on things that we know are broken in mining like industrial command ship mining drones. Nerfing the ability for command ships to profitably mine solo, returning them to their real role would be a huge start.

My reasons are clearly outlined, just have to actually read the post. Thx! :sunglasses:

Because everyone who doesn’t like your idea didn’t read the post :roll_eyes:

Just because you post a reason that “sounds good” doesn’t make it real.

It’s pretty obvious when you’re raising an issue that was already answered in my post that you didn’t read it. Thx :sunglasses:

No. Just because you post an “answer” doesn’t make it off limits for discussion. Especially since your “answers” are not facts, they are opinions.

This could be a good path for the command ships. Require that (some?) asteroids be broken before being mined and give that ability to the command ships, meanwhile removing the ability to mine profitably.

Not a huge fan of mini games tho.

Bro, trying so hard just makes you look thirsty, and thirsty is not a good look.

You came into this thread and quoted a single sentence out of context, saying it would make mining “too predictable”… when my entire post was about making mining less routine and predictable. You’re obviously either low IQ or just a second rate troll.

So you are now dismissed, and I will not be replying to your badposts further. Thx! :sunglasses:

I agree, but that’s ship balance.