More engaging mining

They’ve managed to decrease botting and afk mining, but, well, now we’re sitting and staring at rocks. Woohoo - part of the reason I really don’t mine much. I propose some kind of active engagement in the process? Or possibly a passive process, with a possibility to increase productivity with a mining game? Kind of like hacking - I’m pretty good at hacking and have high skills, but I still sometimes get popped out of a site.

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Dont worry as of mid October they are removing the rocks as well


ccp’s ongoing mission to destroy “not PVP” whatever the cost.

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Yeah, other miners have suggested that mining be made more active. Some of the ideas I’ve heard haven’t sounded too bad either. Not sure if how the wider mining community would accept something like that. I’m sure that at least the multiboxers would complain though.

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Yes, I’m sure everyone outside of highsec or in a gank risk area or ship will love having to cover up their screen with a minigame and have no situational awareness.
This only “works” for hacking because you spend hardly any time in the hack, nearly all of it is in finding the site.

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If you are looking for a non-passive mining method, just look for a big mining op and blow up the hauler. Loot the ore with an alt. It also makes it more exciting for all the locals, so everybody wins.


Oh, I didn’t say that his idea didn’t sound too bad, just some of the others. A hacking minigame for mining seems weird anyway.

I’d posit a “floor” for people who wanted to be completely passive, or who were running a fleet

How do you do a non passive mechanic that isn’t a mini-game that takes up screen real estate constantly, or just tedious (aka the no auto-cycle mechanic people have suggested in other threads which adds nothing game-play wise, it’s just tedious).
I mean, I’m not anti the overall idea but I just can’t see a way to implement it without the above issues.

One option is to add the concept of prospecting. Make the composition of asteroids variable - some worthless, others extremely valuable. Change scanning so it works more like signature scanning for exploration.

The active gameplay is finding valuable deposits. Actually harvesting them wouldn’t change.


I do a bit of mining and I support this idea. Why should every X rock out there have exactly the same yield as the one next to it? Force sample prospecting (active), anom scanning(! Come on, how long have we been asking for this??), hey CCP, you did the moving boosts from systemwide to grid several years ago, surely this isn’t much of an ask? And yes, one of my alts runs combat anoms in highsec then mines out whatever’s in the pocket afterwards. It’s free ore, in a pocket that can’t be scanned down - you have to scan my ship down.

Good luck with that, when I mine aligned with a ten second warp and the litho worn off my V key. The second I see a combat probe, I’m a ghost.


If anyone’s played Elite:Dangerous, the mining in that is a hell lot more complicated than EVE’s with stupid amounts of profits.

You can basically mine the equivalent of a dread’s worth in ISK in E:D in a day or two.

isk in ED? What the hell are you comparing? This aren’t similar games and economy in ED don’t exist. Dumbest comparison ever with zero input to topic.

Make it so the longer people mine in a certain belt the npcs hat appear get harder.

You have to choose how long you can withstand the harder npcs or bring support.

But the longer you are there the better chance to score better ore.

Make it so you get a chance for different types of ore from an asteroid. The longer you are there the better the chance but the harder you have to defend yourself.

Would be kinda fun to push as far as you can just for that chance of some sweet ore.

So Joe has been in a belt for 2 hours and built up hard rats.
Along comes Jimmy newbie to start, and… BLAP! Jimmy newbie is dead.
See the issue?

Scout first ?

Also as time passes and no one is there the belt de escalates

As it is, mining isn’t pve, it’s not even an activity…

I don’t agree with moon goo nerfs but something should be done both about mining and rorqs. As I see it rorq should be the command ship, not main miner and both barge and rorq pilots should have something to do. Idk, scan rocks, manage mining laser power etc. Rorq can point good rocks with high accuracy and then it’s up to barge pilot if he blows it up or gets ore.

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