Mining and Exploration feedback

So I’ve been thinking about mining and it’s an activity that rewards being away from the game, I understand that it’s a good thing to have activities in the game that don’t require us to be 100% in the game at all times, but I don’t see why mining should be only that, i’m not saying we should make mining a completely active activity, but more rewarding to players who are doing it actively, there could be a mini game that if you win you have a chance of getting something extra, something to reward players not being completely away from the game.

Exploration Is extremely boring, you move around a cube to find the data/relic site, you find it, you go there and play Minesweeper to hack and bam!, reward, exploration could be a more pve oriented and more fun than just that, if the activity wasn’t so rewarding almost nobody would be doing it for sure.

This is completely pointless. Mining is the way it is, has been for years. Why on earth would CCP change it and create an instant uproar.

So trying to work out if serious thread or just started some drama.

The idea i’m proposing is not changing completely what mining is, but more in the lines of rewarding people who are active in the game and not completely alt+tab, and that would differentiate active players from bots and could be something to dissuade botting to some extent.

Hell no. I get enough of that damn exploration mini game just clearing sigs from my home system. Lets not inflict that ■■■■■■■ thing on other areas of EVE.

Oh i see, that would make sense, okay I like where this is going.

How would u register who is afk and who is not?

I also don’t like the exploration mini game, but how could we improve mining and not make people equivalent to botters? because tbh right now mining is just pressing two buttons and watching the ore hold getting filled, no wonder there’s so many bots, it doesn’t require a lot of input.

Of course but as I said in previous threads, it’s okay to suggest an idea or request help, now sit down and work out what the solution is, post it in the ideas thread and wait for feed back, this really isn’t the forum for it.

In understand you, I was just conceding to his point that mini games are maybe not the best solution, but i’m completely for adding a mini game to mining and differentiate players from bots.

My advice would be, think your way through this, come up with a workable idea, make a thread in the ideas section on the forums and then have this post deleted, this is going to end in trolls attacking you.

Sounds to me like your complaint is about Rorquals, not Mining.

I mine with an alt fleet of sub-caps (plus maybe an Orca, when I’m in the mood) and it is far from being “two clicks and watching ore hold fill up”. This is because I choose to live in a dangerous area where Rorqual mining is a bad idea. - That may sound shocking to people who get their info from the forums/reddit, but despite what forum/reddit users seem to think, not everybody lives under the Delve super umbrella.

But yea. If you want to suggest changes to Rorqual mining, go ahead. Just don’t screw up mining for everybody else in the process. If I had to randomly solve mini-games on my barge alts, it wouldn’t be an “improvement”: it would absolutely destroy it as a profession.

It’s not two clicks because of the drones, but for Mining frigates, Mining barges, Exhumers, you have the Strip Miners and Lasers and that’s your main source of ore, two buttons and watch the ore hold fill and travel back and forth to deposit the ore.

My idea is not to remove mining as it is, leave as it is but reward people who are playing, maybe a mini game that boosts you? gets you more ore? something along those lines.

As I said, work it out, get a workable fully functioning idea and then take it to ccp

ANYONE who takes ANYTHING said in /r/eve as fact is fool.

Rorqs are not fun imo

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I’m just giving my feedback on the game, and right now mining is something that anybody with a minimum amount of effort can code a software to bot, because it’s such a brainless, minimum effort activity.

I’m presenting a feedback not a proof of concept here.

That’s an extremely naive take on mining. Very few people mine the way you describe there. And those that do are making negligible amounts of ISK for it, compared to people/groups who do it properly.

I suggest you join a decent mining corp and spend some time mining in the real world before you start suggesting overhauling changes to it.

I’ll agree that Rorquals are too powerful as they exist now. However I’ve got no problems with other forms of mining. You’d have to be very careful of changing that, because that works just fine as is.

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I disagree with you, CCP knows how much impact bots are currently having on the economy of the game, and their main impact is in the mining section of the game, and it’s not a negligible one they have a pretty big impact.

Such as bots impact every avenue of the game but CCP bans thousands of bots weekly.

They can only do so much, it’s like the FW complaint about bots, yet they do nothing ingame (the players) to actively stop them.

How do you define “bot”? AFK Rorqual mining is by far the biggest contributor to the in-game economy, and most of those would not be considered bots. (Bots are automated programs)

I mean, why bot something that’s already automated to such a degree you barely even have to pay attention to it for hours.

I get your points, but I also have my opinion that mining as it is, rewards players for not playing, just leaving things automated, maybe there’s nothing to be done, but that’s my opinion, so i’m leaving here my feedback, and EVGA Max i’m not deleting my post, If I posted something it’s because I meant to do so, feel free do disagree.