CCPlease: New Module Idea for Mining

Hey o7

Mining can be a tedious thing. It’s among the least engaging content EVE has to offer, and yet, a lot of Newbros begin their EVE careers doing it. In my opinion, there isn’t enough of a ‘hook’ when it comes to this line of content, which I believe is due to how passive the activity of mining is. If you are someone who enjoys the laid-back nature of mining, then good on you (I enjoy it from time to time too), but I believe it to be a hole-in-the-net when it comes to new-player-retention, which should be patched up.

Let’s imagine an active, mid-slot module that opens a mini-game similarly to how data/relics operate. It would grant a small and brief bonus to mining speed upon success and some negative consequence upon failure.

This would make a player feel like they are actively ‘controlling’ the operation of and interacting with their mining ship, adding a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Some thoughts:

  • The mini-game would be mining themed, of course.
  • As a negative consequence, perhaps failure would add heat to modules which, with too many misses, would require you to dock for repair, thus cutting into mining time.
  • Maybe, with each success, the bonus increases, the game gets harder, and the consequence for failure becomes greater?

What are your thoughts on how something like this could be implemented? What other bonuses could this module grant? What would be the appropriate consequences for failure?

Thanks o7

And then you get warped in on and ganked in the middle of a mini game because you weren’t paying attention to local or dscan and was focused on the mini game instead…


Great! It’ll give them one more thing to whine about!


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I like the idea, it would allow players who prefer a more active playstyle to also have fun while mining.

With small yield bonuses for completing the minigame the solo miners will also be able to compete better against multibox mining fleets (which won’t have the time to multibox such an active module).

And like QuakeGod said, it also benefits other players who are looking for content in the form of distracted miners, so it’s a win all around!


Ah, good point!

Adds the Risk v Reward needed in this game, which QuakeGod pointed out. Also, in taking up a mid-slot, you can’t fit as much shield tank if that’s the way you’re going. So again, RvR.

What, like a level of DigDug?

One can only hope :sweat_smile:

Better idea, Mining mini game:
You direct the laser on a 2d projection of the rock you can afk and leave the laser anywhere or you can direct it on any cracks that start to form to apply pressure to those cracks splitting the rock faster (mine it faster).

If you split enough cracks you can get lucky and get relics instead the asteroid if you analyse that relic you can pick up traces of its origin directing you to a mining expedition which has enhanced versions of ores which let you mine them at 50% increased speeds.

Boom mining is not boring anymore, you can afk it for reduced income or actively mine it for increased income.

Which also narrows the field between single account players and multiboxers so single account players don’t feel they have to invest in 100 chars to get value out of mining.

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