More interactive mining. Dev's feedback would be welcome

I wondering about afk mining and how boring it is. Maybe we could make it more proactive by adding mechanics which lets you engage more. For example to overheat mining lazers to increase yeld. But you would have to check your heat and turn on/off overheating. Or add medium slot module which could be cycled manually (no auto-cycle) which would inctease yeld.
Some complexity could be added to rorquals too. But their mining yeld great even without it.
This might help to mitigate botting in some way and help solo players.

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Or even something like this:


We could make ganking easier in all regions of space so there is value to maintaining situational awareness.

People (including me) like mining because you can multitask - either by multiboxing a fleet of mining ships or by engaging in other activities - I can manage my PI, production and markets just as easily sitting in a mining barge as I can sitting in a station.

Reduced situational awareness increases the risk, as it should. If risk is low, the price of minerals will also be low so I believe CCP can let market forces deal with that part of the problem.

The Eve client is old which makes life relatively easy for bots and other forms of gameplay automation. I remember 50 ship multibox mining fleets in the bad old days before input broadcasting was banned. We’ve been told a new 64 bit client is in development - hopefully it will incorporate industry best practices to discourage gameplay automation. We’ll need to wait and see.


I’ve honestly wanted this for a while. Unless you are flying a Rorq, Multi-boxing, botting, or all of the above, mining simply not as profitable as other careers in EVE.

I would like to see an option (like a new module) which allows for more active mining (something like hacking data/relic sites, a minigame of sorts) which would allow you to either mine more, or faster. They should still keep the current way of mining who want to be more relaxed, or multi-box, but give the option for dedicated solo miners to mine more.

It is kinda sad that a mining fleet of one person (multi-boxing) can mine the same (if not more with high skills) of a mining fleet of real players of the same size. Like what is the point of organizing a mining operation in a small corp? A fleet of players should mine more than a fleet of a single player.

I think drone mining should be the new “AFK” mining, especially since they are typically the booster ships anyway, and focus on logistical support, and watching comms and intel channels to warn there fleet of a threat.

I’d be fine with that, but that still isn’t going to fix the issue with afk multiboxing making more than a fleet of real players. Honestly once you find a quiet pocket to mine in you won’t be interrupted for hours, if at all. I’ve found extremely quiet lowsec to mine in. EHP of the mining ships really mean nothing once you are scrabbled, if it did, why do we have a P.A.N.I.C. module? Danger isn’t really holding back mining income for small miners, it is multiboxers, and bots (no offense to multi boxers. it is honestly the most engaging way to mine in the game, and a multi boxer should mine more than a single miner). But a fleet of the same size should mine more.

For people who don’t want to multibox, like me, the only option is to save up and skill up for a Rorq. And even then you need to be a part of an Alliance that can actually defend it.

Well rorq mininig drones could have similar activated skill like heavy fighter (rocket valley) but with no auto-cycling.
The thing is that majority of ore comes from Delve (goons) which keeps prices relativelly low even if plex price is growing constsntly. And small entities and corporation has no ability to make inpact.
P.s. yeah i know you can have multiple mining accounts skill drain them and plex almost for free.
But why EVE online should not offer more than single route of effective mining career?

I think they shouldn’t wipe out the old method completely, because there are people like you, who do enjoy the more relaxing aspect of it.

Yeah that is true. But the reason why is because it is filled with multi-boxers and Rorqs (and even multi-boxing Rorqs D: ) If an active miner can help better distribute the ISK earned from mining I’d say it would be worth it.

I really don’t like how most miners ( unless in nullsec ) don’t join corporations, since it is safer and more effective to multi-box in NPC corporations to avoid wardecs. There is minimal reason for miners to work together.

I’d love to see asteroid showers, having to dodge the asteroids in a belt, or even a small app that speaks with the game and gives you a “FPS” perspective of mining. Aim for the sweet spot to get more ore, hit bad spots and you get less or destroy the asteroid completely :slight_smile:

For multitasking, try the opera browser, it lets you pop out a video window and have it always on top so you have something to watch.

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