Does mining need a minigame?

New player here. Something I’ve noticed about mining is that it tends to be very passive/low APM. Which:

A: Makes it unengaging for solo players and…

B: Makes it easy for bots/multi-boxers.

The solution?

Add in a mini game that rewards paying at least semi attention to your screen. Example:

Every 15~30 seconds your lasers will need to have their intensity/whatever adjusted via a mini menu above the weapon bar. Failing to do so will result in lower output during the completion of the cycle.

Your thoughts?

Many like the AFK aspect…

until a rusty mimmatar held by duct tape break the afk moment

I’m not saying it has to be super complex or anything. For example, imagine three vertical buttons. Every 30 seconds it will RNG to one of the three buttons. If you don’t swap it to the currect setting afterwards you lose out on X% of the yield for that time frame.

This has been asked for years. Appears CCP won’t do it. Sorry OP.

I can’t fathom why. Data/relic hacking get their very own mini-game. I don’t get why mining would be left in the dust like this.

Especially since it makes mining a prime activity for bots. (Which I hear is something of an issue?)

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Bots will eventually crack the minigame also.

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You’re probably right tbh. Granted, bots should very much be perma-banned in sight.

It would still make things more an an involved juggling act for 20+ alt multi-boxers at least. What with them (supoisedly) having to do everything by hand.


Isn’t avoiding the gank the minigame? :upside_down_face:


CCP is tight lipped on how they detect bots. Report and move on as I say.

It is, but I would also like more moment to moment interaction outside of “keep my mouse hovered over the dock button”.

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It’s been suggested many times. Some of the best suggestions have been along the lines of, “leave mining yield roughly as-is, maybe 10% nerf, for AFK mining. Allow people who want to active mine to buy special re-focusing lasers that need adjustment every 30-40 seconds to maintain a higher max yield”.

AFAIK CCP has never even acknowledged the notion. And from various other elements of EVE game design, it’s apparent that CCP literally wants people doing very dull, repetitive tasks in space. I guess it makes folks less attentive, easier to gank and “adds to destruction”.

At any rate, it’s a decent idea which CCP will completely ignore. Like about 500 other pretty good ideas they’ve ignored in the past 2 decades.


That’s really unfortunate. :frowning:

Yes, CCP makes a lot of “design choices” that could be described that way. It’s their vision for EVE, and generally the only thing that sways them from their course is mass revolt by players and major drops in logins.

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I think Tetris would be a good minigame. The ore floats into your cargohold, but you have to orient the rocks to maximize your storage capacity! Make sure you don’t stack fiery kernite next to plagiocase, and watch out for space weevils!


Something in that vein wouldn’t actually be a bad idea. Perhaps at the end of the miner cycle. Also good gosh I recognize you from another thread I had been reading, hello!

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Hi there Done25!


Not only rewards, but makes it mandatory otherwise you get zero ore.

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That would certainly be one way to deal with botting and excessive multi-boxing.

no ! if you have a big mining fleet with your own chars then you have enough action !

and tell me, where do you know who´s a bot and who´s not ? where do you know they are out there ?

and where is your problem with multiboxer mining fleets ? these ppl generate your ships and items and if you kill their mining fleets then all the supply you could need will be more expensive ! why ? because you shruged all the mining multiboxer !

at least it will damage the economy

data and hacking are not mining …

why has ratting no miningame ?
why has PvP no minigame ?
why has PI no minigame ?
why has undocking no minigame ?
why has docking no minigame ?
why has warping no minigame ?
why has jumping no minigame ?
why has … etc.

yes ! thats the only way to operate against bots ! and not only the bot accounts need to be banned also all the accounts conectet to the bot account !