Mining rocks minigame

as the title of the thread suggest, why not make a mini game for active miners that don’t go afk.

and for their reward for playing the mini game and being active while mining a small boost to their mining yield and not being afk.

In short It give active miners to do while mining and they get a very small boost to their mining yield, and the afk miner will not get this small boost at all.

Do rate, comment and give feedback!

Is Project Discovery not a mini-game for miners?

So you pretty much want to say “Hey miners, screw you now you need to do a minigame you might not even enjoy to mine effectively”?

I’d rather continue to have a youtube video on my second monitor over playing a minigame that would otherwise get stale super quickly for the dedicated miners

No i’m not saying that, I’m just saying if they choose to play this minigame they will just get a small buff and thats it, if they wish to not to play it then they will still be mining the same amount, if there was no minigame at all.

And by effective I mean with everything taken into account. Including a buff.

To me personally if minigames were to ever be implemented to spice up mining and other professions it would be in the form of “Do this minigame, if you do it well, good for you, you do it normally, if you fumble, you get less than expected”.

That would surely put a big red on the multiboxers that have more than 10 accounts to mine ice every single day in High Sec and maybe we would see more fleets with actual people in them.

The buff you are trying to put in will be huge when you are sitting in a hulk, with a Rorqual providing fleet boosts and pretty much a fleet of other hulks just digging away asteroids. The rich get richer and the poor… Well… Continues being poor because if the boost would have to be tweaked in order to be balanced in null or low mining fleets it would be quite miserable to the solo miner.

well if they multiboxing them they cant all do the minigame at once, no matter how hard they try, and if they do so with some type of help then they will be risking a ban from CCP for using a script.

and the small buff i was think of was like round 0.5% more and the minigame was for you to follow a red dot as close you can while it was moving away from your mouse.

But sure you want talk about rorquals then there need to be a middle ground from the exhumers to the rorqual then i’m all ears for that. Yes i know there the Orca, but the exhumer mines more then it can.

Exactly, I frequently play Project Discovery for extra ISK while mining.

not exactly sure what you want to achieve…

Multiboxers would not care about a minigame such as this, they would still outstrip the belts and anoms compared to most other people without even attempting it…so useless as a deterrent, and it doesnt help a non multiboxer especially a solo miner compete against multiboxers…

And if you made it so that the non-fleet or solo miner could compete effectively by doing this minigame then it would be OP and open to abuse and you would still be back at square 1.

Any minigame would get massively tedious after a couple of hours.
It works with exploration because 99% of the time is spent finding the sites and getting to the sites, and only 1% is spent hacking.
In a profession where the 99% of the time is spent mining, a minigame would suck.

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