Ideas for changes to mining

Mining is brain dead and boring. I’m pretty sure most people aren’t going to argue that. It’s also some of the worst isk in eve unless you’re mining a good moon. That said, its the back bone of making the economy in the game work.

I propose a “small” change that will make it more profitable and hopefully not as boring. Add an “active” mode to miners that increases yield but also requires your attention. Maybe something similar to star citizen mining. If you don’t know, you have to manage miner power levels so as to not blow up the rock you’re mining.

We can also keep the current system so when people want to afk mine/ multibox they can just turn on the “passive” mode.

Thoughts? Insults for daring to suggest something you disagree with?

Edit: I’ve come to the conclusion people lose several grade levels of reading comprehension when it comes to suggestions for this game.

With that attitude. I don’t even feel like biting. You could at lest try to hide fact that you are only for forum PvP.

It was intended as a joke

On a serious note something active to increase yeild with the option to still be afk at a normal yeild seems logical tbh, dont know why you think its a joke. But doubt CCP will spend time on it now as they are on crunch time to get the FW update out before people freak out.


I was replying to the first comment regarding the last line I wrote. That’s the joke and the rest is actually a serious suggestion.

And yeah even if devs do see this and actually decide its a good idea i doubt its coming until after FW overhaul and whatever else is part of the “biggest content update ever.”

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You never know maybe it changes the entire universe and makes eve fun again.

Well, yeah thats the dream. I just doubt it really is going to be the biggest content update ever. Unless they have actually been designing a crap ton of new ships and adding whole new regions.

Max skill covetor with boost can mine around 27 mil/h hulk goes up to 36 mil/h. It goes even more silly when you go into low or null. Like over 200 mill/h for single ship. (quite rough estimates. I’m not so good in pyfa) Not even mentioning moons or ice.

Game is almost dead because CCP tried to fix their past mistakes of making mining OP. Literally last thing we need is making two steps back with yet another boost to mining.

Most of activates in EVE are brain numbing and repeating. I se zero difference in mining or combat. You just click buttons more often. I would like to see gameplay more engaging than early 2000 stuff. But I won’t expect rewriting majority of the game. Especially when they didn’t even bothered to fix years old typos in career agents while doing their rework.

No one forces you to play EVE or to do mining. If you find other games more fun, play it. EVE is just a game if it isn’t fun for you it’s no longer a game. There are people out there that enjoy current gameplay loop of mining. So to be honest. Even if I hate current way of mining. I don’t find copying other games as great argument.

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Well here’s the “How dare you have a different opinion than me” reply. I offer a suggestion to try and improve a section of the game many dislike and am met with “Play something else.”

My suggestion doesn’t even change the current way of mining, it just adds an alternative.

I didn’t say to steal star citizens mechanic, I used it as an example.

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There’s many that also like it. How you can improve something that for someone isn’t bad?

You want to boost yield. Which will turn into new meta. It’s like saying that BS isn’t dead because you can still mine that way.

Yep, I start to smell hypocrisy.

Boosting yield in return for actually being present at the keyboard doing something requiring active attention is pretty fair. This will ideally only be doable by someone running a single account as it would require an apm impossible for multiboxers. Multiboxers can still mine boatloads more per second than a single person ever will. The afk miners can still afk mine with no changes.

The multiboxing miner isn’t affected, the only people that get better yields are the people that are actually sitting at the computer and playing the game actively and bringing it more in line with nearly every other in space gameplay loop.

I’m not the one telling people to quit the game over a forum post.

Since when having more characters at grid increase yield? This isn’t how multiboxing mining works.

Have you ever mined with fleet of hulks? It’s far from afk activity or low apm.

I get where are you coming from. But it would be nightmare to balance. One active miner counts same as 2 normal miners or 20? I’ve seen fleets of 60 piloted just by one player. Also I saw guy triple boxing T6 cruiser abyss. I won’t believe in “impossible to multibox” until I see. Not with EVE community.

Neither do I. And even if so. Not over forum post but doing unfun activates. That likely turn game into job like grind fest.

That player is making more money mining than a person mining on a single account can possibly compete with, with or without my proposed changes

Is the issue here that you think i want to double yields? I was only thinking 20-30%


Then why whole multiboxing argument?

I don’t know what you want. You throwed something at wall and expected something to stick. Without any details or numbers. I can only assume consequences of yield increase.

As I already said. I’m not against changing gameplay loop of mining. Since I don’t find, current one fun. That being said idea of such change is instantly crushed by reality and complexity of EVE. Hence why I’m against so half-baked idea.

I’m not a dev with access to every metric in the game. Any numbers I do throw out are utterly worthless. I merely suggested a change to the gameplay to make it more engaging.

So every suggestion and idea presented in this forum needs to be a peer reviewed essay? This was a conversation starter about changing the mining gameplay loop. It was not a firm plan for the devs to work off of.

The only way to change the gameplay loop into something positive is to make it an active activity. In return it needs to offer some kind of extra incentive. My suggestion was increased yields, but it doesn’t even need to be that. It just has to be something.

Don’t lump one person opinion with whole community. I don’t need essay but still. I don’t find what you posted as constructive feedback. Hence my disapproval.

CCP has changed mining and turned industry into a lot more layered activity. From simply getting X amount of minerals. Now it’s gotten minerals, moon goo, reaction facilities, and PI.

In my opinion CCP did some really clever and logical ships to mining ships. Command ships like orca/porpoise/rorqual are now true command ships that shouldn’t be better solo. Now these ships need smaller mining frigates/barges/ exhumers to do the bulk of the mining. Should have been this way for ages. Happy CCP addressed it.

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I agree with your suggestion that mining should be more active. However, you didn’t bring any data, while @Small_Kitty_Paws did.

If what (s)he says is true, and I don’t think he is telling lies, then you can already have that with covetor/hulk. From what I remember back when I started and was mining as at that time I saw it as a best way avoid paying real money to be able to play (which only made me to play and mine whole month just so I could do it again next month and I wasn’t actually playing the game) due to their low cargo you need to mine into can/MTU/orca hangar as the cargo is full very soon. It could be better, but there you have it - it actually requires some input from the player. and if you do mine this way the ISK/h rates provided by @Small_Kitty_Paws aren’t bad at all, they are actually way too good imo :slight_smile: .

As much as I dislike the barges/exhumers EHP buff (can they even die to npc pirates anymore? even before it took ages in 0.5) the Orca nerf/rebalance was definitely needed. It made no sense that the Orca/Rorqual would be best mining ships that outshines barges/exhumers. These hull tanked (botting) orca mining fleets that plagued whole highsec in 2018 were absolutely disguising.


More active would be bad for multiboxer… right?