[Poll/Discussion] Does mining need a change?

  • Mining is perfect as is. No need to touch this mechanic in the foreseeable future.
  • Mining just needs some polish, but not a complete change.
  • Mining needs a complete overhaul. Start from square one and change it for everyone, it will be better in the long run.
  • Add a new alternative mining mechanic that gives people an alternative to traditional mining, but the same mining can coexist.

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Also discuss what you think on the matter. The forums have always had some people wanting change to mining, but at the same time there are people who thinks it is fine as it is. I just want to get poll to see where the general conscientious lies.

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I kinda didn’t expect the results (so far). A lot of people are in the middle of the road with it.

“Mining just needs some polish, not a complete change.”

Is what most people are choosing. It shows that people recognize that mining needs some change, but not a nonsensical overhaul. I think CCP just needs to give a slight refresh to the mechanic and people will e happy. Don’t know what that would be, but I think nothing too far from the original aspect of it.

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The core mechanics of mining are pretty spot on. You already have a choice of how relaxed or intense you want it to be from the choices of barge and area in which you choose to mine. But things i would change:

  • Make most belts anoms. But leave some veld belts as is.
  • Make current ore anoms sigs again.
  • Greatly reduce the frequency of 5% and 10% ores. Change 5% to 50% and 10% to 100%.
  • Pirate npc mining gangs with enigmatic mining barges.
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2 problems with this poll.

  1. What do you mean by mining. Do you mean the mechanic of mining where you point an ore harvester or drone at an asteroid and go at it. Or do you mean everything remotely links to mining including refining.
  2. Most people never come near the forums, so you are getting an already biased snapshot here to start with.
  1. Yeah my bad. I mean mainly the mechanic of using a drone/laser/harvester. I think most people have an issue with that (or want it to be refined, or even left alone).

  2. Yeah this is not the end all be all to mining discussion. Plus even now the forums are split between the new forum and the old. This is a really small snapshot.

After the recent mining ‘changes’ I doubt CCP wants to touch that code anytime soon.

It is not the “mining mechanics” that need a doover, its the other mechanics around it (P.A.N.I.C Module more specificly)