New Miner Oppotunities

Ok not sure if this is original, but I have a idea to expand mining in the game. How about we have modules/ship types that mine the gas/minerals from every system’s star? Could even have a new type of Upwell structure designed for it. I’d also like to see a tech 2 varient to salvage drones, since the game has always shown Salvage drone 1’s since 2013, when I started to play.

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yes this does sound like a good idea!

I highly support more gas, especially in high and low sec.
I also feel the same way about eve.

I’v gone to the point of actually believing that ice should be mixed into the belts, and asteroid belts should have gas in them (so hybrid ore/gas or ore/ice)

I like it, but please no more upwell structures, they are just a plague that never stops

The dyson sphere-esq idea appears everynow and then.

Trouble is it rarely provides new gameplay. What are you going to mine from a star and how? Why is this different from current mining?

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