Suggestion: New Mining system

Hello fellow pilots!

A suggestion to help break up the dull gameplay of mining with some changes that might things a little more interesting.

Mining beams (strip miners etc) now have a chance to trigger explosions from asteroids, ice rocks, and gas clouds.

These in return cause a small even to take place in the area. Things like a

  • Electromagnetic Storm. every few seconds a lightning bolt hits near by ships with in 50km dealing (em) damage to players in the area.
  • Thermal Blast wave. A chance to deal large amounts of thermal damage to people with in a 90 degree cone over 35 km
  • Rocks. A chance to trigger an explosion in the asteroid, shooting out a large rock in a direction dealing massive amounts of (kinetic) damage to a ship it hits.
  • Pocket Gas. A chance to trigger an explosion dealing (explosive) damage to all ships with in 30km in a 360 degree sphere.
  • Energized gas. A chance for gas to escape that gets caught up in your ship systems increasing your mining rate by 20% for 30 seconds.
  • Polarized gas. a chance for gas to escape increasing shield and energy regeneration by 3% of max hp each second for 5 seconds.

beneficial clouds are only 7.5kmsq in size, so you will need to get to them with in 30 seconds to obtain the buff (walking over them).

the purpose of this idea is to help remove rats from the belts, and inspire movement in the mining process.

I don’t think of this is a good idea… Unless you’re mining alone in 0.0 (which is, well, not something to do everyday I think), the rats can be killed pretty easily with the light drones that every mining ship get, even the Venture.
Plus all those events are RNG-based, so it would mean that tanky mining barge would be overused, where the two others would be deserted by the miners.

I wish there was some kind of mini game (similar to hacking) to prepare asteroids for mining. After they beeing “cracked” you can work with them as usual. Also mining anomalies should be scanned, as for me. Yeah I’m fan of explorations =)

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