Mining gameplay loop

When you attack a ship you see damage indicating you are influencing the environment. No such feedback on rocks.

Would you find mining more satisfying if you could see “damage” and time-to-explosion was similar to npc ships?


I agree, we need more xploding ice.

But more importantly, we need mining lasers that can do targetted damage to modules.


Not really.
I’d find mining more satisfying if there actually were asteroids in their “asteroid belts” and no NPC’s mining the few rocks I do find.
I’d also find it more satisfying if I didn’t have to worry about lowlives who think that popping unarmed mining vessels is “PvP”.
Start with those two simple concepts and I think mining satisfaction goes up by a factor of 10.
As is stands, mining is hardly worth my time. I just reprocess the loot I get when I rat or do missions and that’s pretty much what I got to work with as far as resources go.


An at key hard to compute (bot) mimi game was well overdue for mining. It could have been, challenging, rewarding & stunning.

Ccp chose a mutli account monetisation policy.

You are supposed to bot or isbox mining with multiple subscribed accounts. ccp does not care if anyone manually does it so there is no need to develop visuals just multi account functionality.


Make asteroids start shooting back!

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Actually I would be all for asteroids shooting back in some manner. Mining vessels would then actually need to tank which would make them hardier to players as well. Fitting for mining ships is not as interesting as other ships because you have fewer trade-offs to manage, cap, prop for example.

A mining mini game could offer an increase to yield - not enough to turn off CCP`s multibox income but enough to make it worth my time while waiting to be ganked.



+1 for a mining mini game

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imo a mining minigame its a bad idea
because it solve some problems like the supposed bots but takes the only thing that makes mining minimally attractive , the zen like mechanic
other space games have a more complex mining system and i find them unbearable

:+1: to the asteroid HP idea , i like it , a visual representation of ore left would be nice

You can always go mine on the test server. Dont think any scary gankers play there.

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Those brave gankers can gank miners on the test server as well so what’s your point?

They risk getting banned from the test server if they gank you outside of a designated pvp system.

But mining on the test server would be equally as boring and infinitely more pointless compared to mining on Tranquility.

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Why would you say that? Isn’t to be left alone and mine in peace exactly what carebears want? I mean… post #3 hits it on the head here…

I’d also find it more satisfying if I didn’t have to worry about lowlives who think that popping unarmed mining vessels is “PvP”.

Players such as him want to interact with the sandbox economy but not be apart of what makes it truly alive… There’s a place for him and as I said, it’s on the Test Server. There he can interact with himself free from gankers (unless an alternate personality multiboxes a ganker!). Just know that he’ll have to buy a mining permit for the test server as well…

But with the majority of mining yield being made by bots & isboxers would developing mining increase plater numbers? The answer is no or marginal, so don’t expect mining to improve.

And yet, CCP Whatsit, in his recent economics-based interview, specifically said mining was going to change and that people would be “pleasantly surprised”. This was in context of post-shortage = presumed buff??

Mining mini games, as an optional extra that rewards attention, could make mining much more fun and rewarding.

Maybe something like temporary much denser asteroid spawns, targeting/clicking specific parts of a rock, etc.

Mining is a low action activity and should stay like that to offer players the possibility to play a low action activity to earn ISK (after all, there are many activities requiring more actions already!).

It would be nice to make mining more flexible in the amount of effort required and to give players a choice between:

  • low attention for regular yield
  • more attention for a slightly increased yield, with some kind of ‘mining mini game’

Apaet from being more fun when you’re paying attention, this would also even the playing ground a bit more between multibox miners and people mining with a single account who have spare attention to spend.

Now to come back to the opening post that triggered this idea…

Wouldn’t it be great if, while mining, valuable parts of the asteroids could randomly crack and subsequently break off that you can target and mine for extra yield, if you’re paying attention?

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“Change” “Pleasant” and “Surprised” are words I dont expect to mean what you think they mean coming from CCP.

You’re delusional, vain and hence not worth exchanging words with.
I won’t read any further posts from you.

Oh like mins/phr & balance ect, that’ll change when ever needed. We were talking about fundemental changes to mining ie, mini games involving IQ/skill. Those sort of changes will not come to eve in any field now.

Eve’s monetisation strategy is based around botting & multi accounting which poorly scales with skill based tactical gameplay but excels at repetition or closely defined parameters say chess.


Please not another window in the already turbo cluttered UI. Id actualy like to see space in my space mmo

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