Minning Changes - Hardcore and Bots Attention

I want to express how poor the changes in mining have become for such a fun aspect. Before, it was fun and financially interesting to dedicate time and training in mining. Currently, the amount of resources and stones in the asteroid belt is horrible. belts asteroids currently serve the npc only. Is CCP promoting the game only for the hardcore? or against bots? The regular and casual player is losing space in the game for a frenetic game version of those who spend hours in the game. By restricting the game in this current format the losses are for everyone, including those who play honestly. That way, better to go back to the monthly payment mode, and have a more abundant universe for a fluid game. If you don’t have a moon to mine, give up, other ways are risky and underpaid. If you don’t play with countless accounts, give up too, the game was not made for single client, only multibox.


WTH is minning??

What the â– â– â– â–  is WTH?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Explore a bit away from hubs. There is MORE THAN ENOUGH asteroids to mine out there.

Dray Cil


EVE haz mining?

you mean in HS right… nullsec belts are screwed for good

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If you want to mine, get a job in the mining industry. Mine some rocks. Make some money. Use that money to play EVE (you’ll even have a lot left over for other things) and do things that you can’t do in real life, such as blowing ■■■■ up with a giant spaceship.

Oh wait, I keep forgetting that most of the humans in the world are basically Oompa Loompas and desire nothing more in life than to perform the same three-step action over and over again.

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yes, at nullsec. before a stone had 3000 units, today you take 350 approximately, it was hours on the same belt, today you clean it in a short time

Good thing, too. Null was stockpiling way to many ships. Now there’s something to fight over and lose some of them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Nullsec / WH-Land lost easily half of it’s Tritanium sources and effectively all of the sources that could be afk-mined. Because the null-sec industrials notoriously dislike at-the-keyboard mining, that means they “don’t have” tritanium on their own, and they’ll buy it from highseccers instead.

The diamond NPCs… if it’s pirate factions, decloak next to them, and warp off before the response fleet arrives. They’ll return to the belts to continue mining a few minutes later, but to a random other belt, so just keep shoo-ing them around until they randomly warp into the belt that has the omnipresent afk-mining droneboat orcas. Or kill the NPCs. But not before they killed the orcas for you, since they aren’t concorded for attacking orcas in high.
If it’s empire faction NPC miners … ignore them. Or kill them (messes up your standings)

Find a Relic Site, warp there, look if there’s ores in the relic. If there’s ores, warp your mining toons into the relic and mine the relic, it has larger rocks and more rocks then the asteroid belts anyways, and it needs to be scanned down first, so the suiciders have to work 1 second longer before they can get some content. Just make sure to bring a suicide alt, too, in case an explorer comes to hack the containers, which would result in the site and it’s rocks despawning. Use the suicide toon to prevent the explorer from despawning your ores.

Find a Combat Anom, again, check for “decorative” ores. Or Combat Sigs. Or Escallations. Many Mission Deadspaces also have decorative ore, and sometimes, it’s quite a lot of it. Run the mission, but don’t turn it in (turning it in despawns the site), then return with your miners and clean out the ores after your ratting ships cleaned out the NPCs first.

Oh, there’s also gases in wormholes, and ice all over new eden. Which might classify as “mining”, too.

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The mining changes were great. I made a killing.

Figuratively and… literally. Hehe. ^-^

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Tetris, Bejeweled, candy crush, etc … little shots of dopamine. Not everyone is an adrenaline junkie, but instead dopamine junkies.

There should be room for all hormone addictions, In eve.

Just wait until CCP_Rattati nerfs mining ships in the next quadrant.

I agree. Like most things in the game ( besides PvP ) mining is a waste of time.
All that counts for CCP is Destruction ( preferably your ships ) and if you’re not doing your part to line their pockets you might as well play another game and have fun in the process.

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The funny part is the talk shows are full of people with 10+ alts to mine/indy and they keep telling us how important is to keep the destruction of assets. I mean, sure, how about putting some money from your pocket? :wink:

A guys just said in open chat he has 20 alts to SP farm and he crashed the market with 150K PLEX!!!

EVE economy is a joke, Rockefellers and Rothchilds all around us.

If EVE taught me anything, cynicism is some form of art.


Yes, only other players’ assets, not theirs.

It’s no surprise, they keep getting rich on other poor saps who think the game is balanced on general players’ favor while those Rockefellers sit pretty on the huge amounts they’ve amassed over the years all while promoting “environment” something, “Era of chaos” “scarcity” and Destruction. What they don’t say is what goes for the goose doesn’t go for gander in EVE.
Just a big royal rip-off, really. That’s why I’m staying Alpha now and playing for free, getting back my paid Omega time that way.

Yes, and the joke is on us.

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Mine someone else’s moon. If they complain too bad for them. If you don’t have a structure they can’t wardec you anymore or stop you in high sec and in low/null you can just come out of their time zone or scare them into logging by using a pvp toon.

Hmm. Three-step action.

Click reply
Write something stupid
Click Ctrl + Enter

Repeat hundreds of times a day.

You are definitely one of those Oompa Loompas.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Don’t worry. Knowing Rattati, mining yield of lasers and drones will probably be adjusted accordingly very soon.