Mining Overhaul: Actively Engaging

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After reading your post and replies here I started to wonder if you know the curent spawn mechanics for ore and ice anomalies in null. As I understood it, you are now sugesting a major buff to asteroid availability by greatly reducing the time they stay despawned. I’ m not sure if that is your intention or a mistake.

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Regardless of specifics here, fields in Null should take longer to respawn and have less total upgrade levels

If that is your intention you should update your OP numbers from 1-4h to somewhere around 5-10h.

Altho that kind of update could potentialy ■■■■ over AU time players more than others as its much more likely to get really bad spawn times for the belts. (Compared to EU tz, where you get to cherrypick right after downtime)

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It’s easy to change the range, 1-4 in High, some other value in Null with the ability to upgrade to reduce the range a bit.

I agree with other posters that these ideas seem more like something that would make mining more aggravating to do instead of more fun to do, but there are some parts that I think could be good for the game.

I think giving new belts a timer as the empires scan down new pockets of valuable ores would make sense since most of the asteroids in space would probably be regular nickel-iron that no one has any real use for, but navigational hazards are another matter. Asteroid belts don’t have the density to make navigation difficult, especially for ships as tough as the ones in EvE.

No offense, but this sounds a little contrived. Why not have belts in high-security space be continually mined by NPC ships like what you can find now, only make them appear in every belt in high-security space, and in greater numbers the higher the system’s security rating? They’d be scarcer in low and null-security space, obviously, but if the system is owned by NPCs then they should still be present.

Yes, this is a good idea and I like it! You could also beef up the NPC miners by parking an Orca or Rorqual between the arms of the belt’s crescent for them to deliver their ore to. If someone wants to get the most valuable ores before the NPCs then they have to work for it, though going pirate and attacking the NPCs for their ore would also be an option.

I wonder, why not have the empires send ships to mine materials from moon fields that get popped in their space? It is their territory.

I don’t know enough about astrogeology to agree or disagree with this.

I think it would also make sense to require players to scan down ore anomalies in null-security space since the empires aren’t providing that service for you. If you and your corporation have good standing with a nullsec NPC faction then you would gain that service in their territory, but you’d have to work for it.

Why not give the Primae that bonus? It would make the ship useful for something.

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Thank you for thoughtful input that indicates you actually read my post and not just trolling. I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome. I may not agree with everything you propose, but I appreciate a good discussion on how to improve the game.

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More responses to other participants.

Yeah, making mining an interactive activity by adding a minigame like what we do with hacking would certainly cut down on AFK playing.

I actually had some ideas for how Orcas, Porpoises, and Rorquals might be changed and I’d appreciate any feedback you might have for me, though I ask you to remember that I’m just spitballing at this point. I don’t understand the mechanics enough to tell if they’re good or bad ideas, and some might be mutually exclusive or impossible to implement, but the only way I’ll learn that is if I put the ideas out there for others to see. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

  • Since industrial command ships are supposed to, you know, command mining operations, have their mining bonuses apply to the squad or wing they’re leading. Only Rorquals would be able to serve as wing leaders.
  • Either give tractor beams the ability to push things around instead of just pulling them, or add a repulsor beam module that can do it. This would allow industrial command ships to move sentry drones around the belt and give better coverage to the mining ships they’re grouped with.
  • Have the command ship assign drones from its bays to follow and aid the mining ships in its squad or wing, so if someone finds a rich ball of Mercoxit or something equally valuable they can call for assistance.
  • Turn mining command bursts into a system that applies to all ships in the squadron or wing, with the player flying the command ship regulating which particular ships get how much of a bonus.

I think that it would be a good thing if asteroids needed to be cracked open and unwanted material scoured away to get at the valuable ore within, but how CCP would implement this system and what it would entail is the hard part. Hacking is basically minesweeper, so what would they make mining?

Some kind of puzzle? Something like Bethesda’s lockpicking minigame cosmetically changed to fit the context? Tetris?:thinking:

If you want “engaging” and “not easy to bot”, CCP should put all asteroid belts into tier 45 abyssal sites with a 1 minute timer that will remove all your gear you bring and you have to fighte 83579569256987465912465975692756524 remote repping starving leshaks to get to the one unit of arconor at the end of room 25.

Hurry up, clock is ticking.

Oh dear lord, you people are out of your mind. With a declining user base, the last thing you want to do is make the already tedious task of mining, even more so. This is what happens when people have nothing left to do in a game… Mining drives the economy, and cheap ships help drive conflict. Making things more expensive while only drive people into smaller areas, and cripple movement.

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Any and all suggestions around mining are fruitless as long as you don’t try to get rid of those who destroy the mining profession, which is the single most important profession in this game.

As long as the worthless losers are around, there is no way of fixing it.

There needs to be room for real miners FIRST.

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