Desolate Asteroid Belts Now Available for Testing

Greetings Capsuleers.

We will be adding a Desolate Asteroid Field beacon to every single system in Nullsec. This will act the same as an ‘Asteroid Belt’ does in terms of NPCs spawning at the location, any NPCs in the system that could show up in the Asteroid belts can appear at the Desolate Asteroid Field beacon.

  • This means that it will be possible for players to raise ADMs in systems in nullsec with no regular asteroid belts present without having to rely on random anomalies and gate rats.
  • This means that players will be able to find the highest tier officers in this location in Curse which currently has no asteroid belts.

As a result, we are rolling back the change we made which allowed asteroid belt NPCs to appear on gates. The expected effects of this change are.

  • Players should encounter NPCs on gates far less frequently.
  • There should be no more instances of ‘hell spawned’ gates where an asteroid belt NPC spawn could share the same gate as a gate rat spawn.

It should be noted that this is not removing rats from gates entirely. There will still be the usual gate rat spawns.

This is available for testing on our public test server, Singularity now. Details for how to connect to SISI can be found here. Please note: Some systems that were not loaded before we updated SISI will not have asteroid spawns at all. This is not expected to affect Tranquillity when we release this officially.


How about instead of doing a bandaid fix and creating yet another random site, you just add asteroid belts back into nullsec and have them all just have the mix of arkonor and bistot that are in the other bandaid fix anoms?


A single site seems kinda weird to me.
How about assigning random numbers of such “Asteroid Belts” say 3 to 10 to each system?


Thats too logical!

This fake asteroid belt plus the fixed ore anoms is just a waste of dev time that could be spent elsewhere if they just added the ark and bist to the empty belts and kept the belt rats there.





Reminds me of the hidden belts of the olden days

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“1v1 me at the DAB”.

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Did you guys actually delete the asteroid belt code?


While a long awaited change im not seeing the logic behind not just adding the belts back. Wouldnt it be more prudent to add these types of belts as rare spawns that have a higher chance to better quality rats.

And even if going this route…why only one per system…given what is in a solar system shoudnt there be atleast a few per system?

I think you have potential here thats being sqandered as a band-aid to a current issue.


I would simply put the belts back as they once were.


How about you just put the god damn asteroid belts back? Why would you continue to punish certain regions of nullsec while others enjoy nearly unlimited supplies of the rarest minerals in all of New Eden?

Whatever, ■■■■ it. I just unsubbed all three of my accounts the other day anyway. No longer my problem…


so to confirm, you’re adding a random beacon to fix an issue you guys made 2years ago? but not addressing missing ore/belts from nullsec - got it.


I went and visited a few of the sites on Sisi to take a look. Some feedback:

  • The visual design on them is GREAT and I wish all the asteroid belts looked that cool, especially the huge rocks & the wrecks scattered around
  • Of the 9 I’ve visited (so far) in Syndicate & Cloud Ring none of them has actually had a rat spawn - that’s surprising, even regular belts get rats more often than that.
  • It would be neat if you could use a relic analyzer on the wrecks in the sites
  • Every one appears to have the same wrecks in the same arrangement so after I visited a couple the surprise/novelty wore off really quickly - I wonder if they can be varied somehow?
  • “Show Info” on the desolate asteroid site just gives the generic flash beacon info text instead of an explanation of what the site is

Good to see ccp doing something :clap:

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Took a while and I hate to say I told you so (nah I like saying it) but better late then never. Maybe it will take another year to put it back how it was instead of whatever this is.


Do these sites also have asteorids that can be mined like the old belts used to have?

They do not.

lmao that would be hilarious

How about you stop trying to fix what isn’t broken? The old belt rat system was just fine but apparently the current dev teams feel the urge to cover everything with their fingerprints pointlessly.