Test Server: Singularity - FAQ and Information

The main test server for EVE Online is called Singularity, or Sisi for short. On here you are free to test upcoming features and changes, as well as participating in mass tests organized by CCP. Sisi is used by players like yourself, CCP developers and ISD Bughunting volunteers to test.

Q: How do I access Singularity?
A: On the bottom right of your launcher you can swap between the Tranquility server and Singularity server. For a more detailed explanation visit this page.

Q: What rules apply to the test servers?
A: You can find a full list of rules that apply specifically to test servers on this page. Additionally the TOS and EULA also apply.

Q: I found a bug on a test server, what can I do?
A: You can use the F12 menu in the EVE client to submit your bug report. This ensures valuable data is automatically added to your report, such as logs is automatically gathered and sent to CCP. For details on how to write a great bug report, please visit this page.

Q: Does Singularity have daily downtime?
A: Yes, daily scheduled DT on Singularity is from 05:00-05:15 GMT. However, there may be unscheduled ones too.

Q: When is the next mirror going to happen?
A: There is no set schedule for when mirroring of TQ happens, but it normally happens every few months.

Q: I cannot log in to Singularity.
A: A common reason is that your current account is not active on Singularity. New accounts are only copied to Singularity as part of a new mirror. If your account is older than the last mirror, but you changed your password recently, then you may need to use your previous password when logging onto Singularity instead.

Q: Does SP awarded for participating in CCP testing events apply on TQ?
A: No, any skill points awarded for participating in CCP organised testing events is awarded on your character on Singularity only.

Q: I can not find an item on the market on Sisi.
A: Some items, ships, or modules are not seeded in the markets. These can be obtained through regular gameplay methods, and will not be provided to you by CCP developers or ISD volunteers. For more information on this topic, please see this post by CCP Lebowski.

Q: How do I upgrade to Omega?
A: By purchasing PLEX from the market at a seeded station.

Q: What commands are available to players?
A: On Sisi players have access to these four commands.


For a more detailed explanation of each command check out this page.



Shiny new Sisi thread. :+1:

Looking forward to continuing to help test new content.

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Yall should add a command that booste skill training I mean Sisi is a test server after all or have like an extra tab in Skills>Types>Levels>5…< extra drop down menu only on sisi for the command something like
/boosttraining… Effect: boosts skill training by 100%

Edit: I know you guys prob won’t do it but whats the point of having a test server if you are only going to lower prices and not training time or sp cost??

@CCP_Aurora So with all the topics about combat outside of the designated area, and this rule:
Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8)

Are you going to start enforcing that rule when someone comes on here and mentions they were attacked etc outside of that area even if its not during mass testing?

Or better yet, if the rules only apply to mass testing, wouldn’t it be wise to state that in the test server rules?

You can get skill extractors the same way you can add Omega time: buy PLEX for 100 isk each and redeem in the NES. Then reallocate your SP for whatever you are testing.

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In addition to the above, you get unallocated sp for use on the test server if you participate in CCP’s mass tests. These bonus sp awards are reapplied up to a certain maximum (was it 5?) , allowing you to bank quite a few for testing purposes.

What time is mirrored next time again?

‘every few’ is generally accepted to mean ‘not many but more than one’. In practice, mirrors typically occur every 3-4 months, depending on what CCP needs tested - they may happen more often if refreshed player data is needed, or less often if there are not any significant changes that would require a mirror for testing purposes.

Hi, activate my Singularity pretty please :blush:

That’s not how it works, man. Please actually read the FAQ.

When is the next Mirror?

It has been suggested in another thread that there will be a mirror later this month (October) but that is not a guarantee and we are not entitled to a mirror at any time.

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Alrighty ty

прикольно) сменил пароль ради безопастности, а после не можешь попасть на тест сервер, ну чтож иди и сливай бабло в софте, и там тестируй, как говориться жопу рви

hello o7

simple request to update the /moveme options, one for each clade in poncholand would be ace.


edit - aslo the ability to moveme to any system (not jove ofc) would be ideal.

If we could get the ability to seed an owned citadel, that would be acecredible.

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Basically: Sisi is not our playground. It’s open to players as a convenience, but Sisi is for CCP to do code testing. CCP will not add items to the seeding unless they need them for testing.

If your corp has deployed a citadel and keeps it online until the next mirror, it will show up at that time.

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When was the last mirror made?
I have registered on Oct, 2020.
Can I log in to the test server?