Welcome to the Test Server/Singularity

Hello and welcome to the Test Server,

if you are new here, it might be interesting for you to read that but even for some dudes who play a while this could be of some interest.

First things first…

What is this Test Server?

Test Server is a Place for CCP to test out their newest Content which they wanna deploy on TQ at some point.
Its aswell a Place for them to fix Bugs and Problems ppl have with the current build before its landing on TQ.
Thats why you often see things like, Chats not working, huge Lagg spikes, Effects missing, Modules not working etc.
As a huge Bonus for us, we can use that Test server for us too.

What can you test?
You can basically test everything. From PvP, to PvE and ofc Industrie too. You can aswell take your own Sov and see how these Mechanics work or ancor yourself big Citadels like Keepstars.

How do I join?

its very simple. Start the EvE launcher as usual. Go to the top left and check where it says Tranquility. Change that to SIngularity and you are done.

General Information:


Singularity gets mirrored around all 3 Months. That means all your stuff that you build, all Skills that you skilled,
all Structures that you onlined, will be gone.
Mirror means they Copy a Build of TQ over to SIngularity.
Last mirror was in December.


I know its sad but you dont start with everything on 5 on here. There is no Command to make it happen.
You start with your current TQ SKills.


If you wanna test your PvE fittings for 0.0 ratting, or some missions and what not. You can do that. Most modules and Ships are seeded somewhere closeby for 100 isk. And yes, Faction and Deadspace is seeded too.

You wanna test Level 5 missions and dont have the Standing yet? Dont worry about it. Simply type in whatever chat /booststandings and you can run all Agents everyhwere. Even when you lose Standings, simply type it in again and your Standings are fixed.

0.0 Ratting is a bit different. As most Systems dont have Annoms you can farm. Best Way is to go to E-0GL4. Its one jump away from the Test System. Type in whatever Chat /moveme and choose the System M-0EE8. then jump over to that system and you are ready to role.


PvP is only allowed in the actual Test System which is M-0EE8. If both partys accept you can pvp everywhere but only then. Problem with that is, many ppl dont care about that Rule. So never afk fly your Supercap or Titan through Systems. Always be at your PC and pls fit that thing so you can try to shoot back at least.

In M-0EE8 you can fight everywhere. And yes even on the Testing Keepstar and Sotiyo. Podkilling is allowed aswell. So never complain when your ship dies ontop of these Buildings.
In that System you have 9 Combat Areas. Most of them are mostly empty. Most things go on in Combat Area 1, it gets less and less til 3 but after that you will rarely find someone.
Dont ever expect realistic fights that you might find on tq. Since Deadspace and Faction stuff is seeded, many ppl have Capitals and stuff like that. It will always be unrealistic

If you wanna do a 1on1 against your friend, pls never do it in Combat Areas. I can promise you, that almost everytime someone will warp on you and kill your nice fight. For that create a Safespot or if you wanna be safe, leave the System to one next door.

Special about Capitals and bigger

As it stands for now i can not recommend to ever use any of these in the Test System. The reason is very simple. There is an Alliance called Corpse Collecter Alliance. Best is to mark them -5 straight away.
These guys gave themself the Topic to kill every Single Supercap and Titan in that System and sometimes around it. So you wait 2 or 3 weeks to get your ship done and then it instablops in seconds after you undock it.
If you wanna test these ships, ask a trusted friend and go somewhere else.

On Singurity you can ofc test your Induestrieskills aswell. Just never do it in the Test System M-0EE8. Use moveme to find a different place. As PvP is allowed everywhere in that System it wont take long until someone comes around and kills your Mining Barge or whatever you use.
If you wanna Produce Ships or Modules or whatever you like you can simply use the the Testing Sotiyo to do that.
Everything is seeded in that. So yes you can be lazy and buy the Materials for a few 100 isk and the Blueprint too.
You can build up to Titans in there but get ready to have some spare Cash. It costs many Billions to build them.

Stuff that is not seeded

Alliance Tourney Ships
Skill injector
Faction Capital and bigger Blueprints

Questions i always hear:

Iam Alpha how can i get Omega?

Very easy to solve that. Buy Plex in the Market for 100 isk. Plug them in and you are Omega.

How do i get Skill Injector?

There is imo 2 options to solve that.

  1. You build supercaps and Titans to sell them for Injector
  2. You extract skills of an alt.
    You can Copyskills 2 weeks after using the last extractor. You can do the math yourself

I have no ISK, can you give me some?!

There is no need to ask others for ISK. Again 2 Options to make it happen

  1. You get yourself some capitals, max Insurance them and selfdestruct.
    (the timer keeps running after you eject the ship, you can sd many ships at the same time)
  2. You go to the trading hubs and fullfill the buy orders. Buy stuff for 100 isk sell it for whatever they offer.
    Problem solved

Important Links:

Test Server Rules

Test Server Commands

I know this is a very long one. But i hope anyway that it helps some ppl :wink:


mods please sticky this one. good post

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Why would this happen? Why remove my quote of @Amak_Boma?


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SISI in a nutshell:

Ask for a 1v1 = get blobbed by the one who asked for the 1v1 + his buddies

Drop a super = die instantly to a dreadbomb + a titan

Drop a carrier = die to a super with hic

Drop a battleship = die to a carrier

Drop a frigate = smartbombed on the site @0

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For the love of GOD WHY?

OK i love having the ability to test out mods and builds on test server, but what stops me from actually enjoying the process is CCP total lack or disregard for convenience on test server. Life is hectic enough, on top that log on to test server make 60 jumps just to fit 2 ship, 3 hrs later, i am out time. Somebody please tell me why you would spread out npc vendors making fitting ships an unbelievably time intensive thing to do.
Why is it so difficult for CCP to simply spawn npc vendors beside or in all major test hubs. Are you incapable of making the changes or you just refuse to make it convenient wich is it?

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