New Ideas (commands) for TEST Server

Alright, so I have a few new ideas for the Test Server.

So the Test Server is a TEST SERVER. So I came to thinking about this, why don’t CCP make a new command that is called /maxskills. It maxes out all of your skills, but you still have to build the supers/titans and it will take a bit longer to build them. BUT! Before you get a bad idea/response ready, they can add a new system in Singularity with the /moveme command, if you plan to go kill newbies with a super or titan, or any type of capital ship and try to go to that system, it will deny you from going there, as it will only accept sub-caps and below.

Now what are we going to do with 6-C!?!? Well 6-C can stay but that will be mainly where the daring players will be and that system will accept any ship like it always has. The subcap system, like I said will accept battleships and below that. Any type of Capital ship (excluding the freighters that people use for structures) will have a message showing up “The System is restricting your ship from going there. Please move into a battleship or below”

As it is, again, A test server, a player should not wait 189 days to get into a carrier and then have a mirror the next day, or extract some of the good skills from his character that he/she needs for PVP.

the max skills command should be adjusted where you can use it twice for the whole mirror, and all skills would be below the Titan Skill, only up to Supers.

Agree, so that pilots can plan their skills better.

ah, the real truth, you are noob.
ps the secret is to be here and run in Mass Tests plus continue training on TQ

Yeah but what if the player is Alpha on TQ? and he’s wanting to test a fit from a friend. Thats how I found out about Singularity Server :slight_smile:

Sisi is not for testing your fits. Its for testing changes and features. If you want to use it for other things, that’s fine.

For the record, I would support having the option to max skills via a command. It would enable more players to participate in testing things that they normally couldn’t.

We had it on Thunderdome. /giveallskills and /giveallskills super.

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If you have all skills at once, you don’t know which skills to put in your que because all prerequisites have been met and you have no idea what they have been.

The server is not for you to fly a carrier after the tutorial “because” reasons.

With capital online nothing gets tested at all and most of you noobs cannot even fly a fly a boat where you may have to press more than one button to “win”.

people use sisi in different ways, not everyone is interested in the proposed changes that are deployed on sisi as they are mostly focused towards certain individuals and is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why you have plenty of people jump on sisi just to nuke others in the pvp arena’s due to lack of action currently on tranq, which is just one of the uses people use sisi for.

One thing I’d like to point out with this command that is being requested while it may be good for testing, it does not always bold well with players who may be at a certain level and want to see their own progress with current skills. This in particular affects players who are poor in game and wish to test out a ship to see if its worth the value on the current tranq market. Obviously they will test this option at some point in their time on sisi so I’d like to add giving them a command to revert back to their previous skill levels.

in addition I’d also like to throw in another sisi command request and that is for moving a load of stuff all to one station with something like /itembase as the command. This would help people who are hauling a load of items to build a supercap or save players the time and effort traveling from one system to another to pick up a item from 20-30 jumps away.

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