When will Singularity come back?

Hello everyone,

I understand why Sisi was shut down in preparation for the Viridian update but since the expansion was released, I have been checking repeatedly to see if the cluster will accept connections.

Is there any timeline for when we can expect SIsi to come back?

Thank you.


If i remember correctly they said sometime this week. So at worse 3 days.


Excellent. I was thinking the GMs were using it to test the expansion. I’ll be glad to have it back. It’s a great resource when teaching new recruits the fundamentals of PvP.

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Yes and very invaluable for learning the mechanics of abyssals! I really hope they bring it back soon.

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Only one day left…

Is it just me or is it still down? :frowning:

Yeah its still down. Im pretty sure a Dev said it was in vip mode and would come back by last week. Maybe somethings up. Just wait it out. We will probably get it back by the end of the month.

Yeah I keep checking every morning hoping that it is back…

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Hopefully we get it back before july

It doesn’t appear to be in VIP mode. My conspiracy theory is in two parts as to why: They are conducting population statistics on Tranquility with the 7 days of omega and it’s preferable to play on tranquility for accurate population counts. And/or they don’t want people using the test server to find ways to complete the Frontline sites more efficiently. There was a similar outage when Pirate bases were introduced.

Well, maybe its time to think about permanently shutting down Singularity except for CCP planned event tests of new features or balance changes.

Yes, many people would dislike it, because they are used to the idea of testing everything even remotely challenging to the core until they find a bascially risk-free minimal-effort maximum-profit solution. And then using that to grind their wealth on TQ without even risking a loss. Everything has been calculated, worked out, tested until any challenge is gone.

Maybe EVE would be a better game if knowledge has to be gained with blood again. Maybe EVE would be a better game if not everything is already pre-calculated and written down in tables and sheets and databases, ready to be googled without effort. Not sure how it would change the game if basically every new or changed content has to be “tested” on TQ, with all the losses that takes, either from underestimating, overconfidence, suprise spawns that haven’t been seen before or just interruption by other players. Would it be more interesting and more healthy for the game? Could very well be.

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Not sure how it would change the game if basically every new or changed content has to be “tested” on TQ, with all the losses that takes, either from underestimating, overconfidence, surprise spawns that haven’t been seen before or just interruption by other players.

True it would be more challenging and certainly more unpredictable but for some of us who don’t have a trillion ISK socked away from the days of old when exploits were a dime a dozen its somewhat comforting to be able to try the odd new fit to see how it works and from the point of training new players in your corp on the basics of PVP it is vastly preferable for them to be able to learn from their potentially expensive mistakes without having to drain their coffers dry every time.

The lack of a test server wont stop me playing if it doesn’t return but I still hope it comes back up.

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That sounds like every older player got his money from some kind of exploiting. Thats not even remotely true. The ways to earn ISK in EVE are tenfold now compared to ten years ago, and - funfact - in the early days you didnt even had all these guides and spreadsheets and videos and shipfitting databases that new players can use today to start grinding cash basically ASAP at an incredible rate.

If they shut down the server free usage I would think it would be much harder to get people to show up for mass testing. I don’t know if they still do it, but they even incentivized testing participation by giving out skill points useful only on Singularity. People might not agree to incentivizing participation for Singularity testing on Tranquility. This most likely would lead to more support tickets and workflow changes at CCP. Anybody who is Alpha state can turn Omega on the test server without having an Omega on Tranquility… That’s rather odd to me. I do think there are way too many shenanigans where people use it instead of Tranquility. I’m not shooting the monument over the test server’s demise :rofl:.

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The bigger issue would be for running events like corp PvP tournaments, which smaller groups can’t afford on TQ. On SiSi, we can fight in ships that would be worth billions of ISK. On TQ, nobody is stupid enough to try that.

This aged well :frowning:

And ccp has updated since then that they have no timeline on it returning

And this right here is the issue.

People are using the test server as their little personal playground. CCP should only allow access for mass testing.

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Quick update: Singularity will stay turned off at least until the end of August.


Hey thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Even just having an update on the timeline has been good to give some certainty.