Please give us a date for the test server being returned to public availability

It has been 2 weeks since the date we were told the test server would be back up. CCP has not responded. This is ridiculous. People schedule events, trainings, and tournaments using the test server. We have been forced to cancel all of them.

I am less annoyed about it being down, moreso about the fact that CCP has gone completely radio silent regarding it. This is not how a competent community relations team handles themselves. I don’t particularly care when, just please give us a hard date so we can return to scheduling our activities as normal.

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Ccp has responded. Youre too daft to see it

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CCP have a server dedicated to tornaments actually so i dont really think youve had to “Cancel your trainings”. Sisi isnt for “Events”, its for testing. Testing fits, Testing ideas, Testing anything, Not for player driven events.



Please see this update from CCP Convict

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to advise you that the Singularity test server will continue to be inaccessible to players throughout July and August unless needed to test a specific feature or perform a mass test.

We’ll provide a further update as we approach September.

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Have you ever tried to apply for use of the tournament server? It’s not as easy as saying “hey, I need to have some newbros learn how to fly in a fleet”. I’ve seen it take over a month to get a response, and 1 training bimonthly really isn’t enough.

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