Singularity still VIP only, when will it be back available?

SiSi is still on VIP only, it’s been almost 2 weeks and it’s not being used for anything (or at least it has had 0 players for the past 5 days). To memory, we were told it would be back up within a week of the new update. My corp and I use it to train our newbros, and would rather like to be able to do that or at least know when we can schedule our next training. The community managers have been completely silent on this.

I don’t particularly care when it comes back up, I would just like a solid response of “hey, we can guarantee you that the test server will be up by X date” so we at least know what’s going on and can work with it.

Edit: I found a response from CCP Swift saying it would be back up within the week. That was 9 days ago.


@CCP_Swift @CCP_Habakuk Any updates regarding this?

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Habakuk ?

Its being used, just not by players

I know, but that’s not helpful. Nobody can test anything on the test server right now, nor can we do any of the events or trainings people will often do there. CCP need to say at least something about when it will be back.

They dont need to say anything.

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Habakuk ???

Actually , they do. They run a business and their paying customers want an answer to a question. Kind of weird for you to reply in the negative to their honest question. CCP has always been horribly slow to respond to questions, that is most likely the case now .

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Sisi warriors malding right now :rofl:

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And they dont have to give players access to the test server 24/7

Just wait, people will demand a REFUND shortly :rofl:

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Geo is 100% correct on this. Players pay for access to tranquility. Having free access to Sisi is CCP being nice. They dont have to let you into the test server at all if they wanted.

No they do not but at the same time they ask for help to test things out, and as it stands today we do have access to it so letting us know if it will be accepting connections tomorrow or in 2 weeks would be nice.

Not like we are asking for 2 years free Omega and free isk.


You’re absolutely correct, but it’s still the responsibility of any good dev team to communicate with their player base, especially when a service is down well past the expected date with no explanation.

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Except we are just live-stock to ccp devs, they know the kind of product they produce. And very much like a drug dealer could care less for his client’s inconveniences. ccp couldn’t give a flying f about us players or corporations.

This game was just developed to gather data. Now they just let chatGPT train on said data so it can replace us.

Sisi should be for Omega players only. Stop the sisi cope.

Mislead update. No timeline on when it will reopen to the public. Sisi in use by ccp only for the moment

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