Singularity discontinued?

its offline for several days… its end of singularity server forever?

It is in VIP mode for CCP to do some testing. They are working out some bugs with the new bookmark system and a new jump gate animation.

the vip time too long…perhaps sisi rip. i hope not.

yea let’s see, SiSi has been around for almost the entire life of EVE. So after all these years what makes more sense. extended private testing or they killed it off?

It isn’t the first time it has been unavailable to regular players for an extended period of time.

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They are doing a test on how to permanantly shut down Tranquility, gotta test these things so they are done correctly the first time.


sisi is not only test server. we had more servers in past… anyway problems with sisi began after falcon left ccp because it was only one dev that cared about sisi, falcon gone = sisi gone.

@Daoden theres faster way to shut down tq other than take the power cord away,up to someone with scissors cutting those cables or axeman that thinks server boxes may have gold coins…since ccp gives zero response about sisi status it might be that sisi is gone for good.

Yea I’m sure all of CCP was just waiting for falcon to leave so they could power it down.

Sounds legit.


I heard that after their lengthy string of absolutely flawless patch deployments they’ve actually realized that they don’t even need to test anymore.

I mean I can’t even remember the last time there was an issue with an update, so it makes a lot of sense.


Test Patch Please Ignore


Theu must be testing something the likes of blackout and dont want to scare the null bears… yet

or happened worst scenario.

Maybe when / if SISI does come up again it will miraculously be on a server in Korea, like lemmings mass migration

Come on guys. It seems like I have waiting forever. When is somebody going to ragequit their twelve accounts over this?

rip sisi… we will miss you
lit the cyno for sisi (*)

Sorry you wasted your cyno.

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