Singularity closed for public testing


We want to inform you that Singularity has been put in the VIP mode for internal testing purposes. A huge thanks to everyone who participated in our previous testing, and we are looking forward to the content release next week!

We will let everyone know before the next time the testing environment is made available again.


what is reason behind this? not eoungh internal test servers and you have to take away sisi? good riddance.


you got that backwards; SISI is CCP’s test server which we, players, for the most part also have access to, to test our ship fittings or try out some of the new content being released.


i know sisi is still CCP but…why they taking it away,they have buckingham,multiplicity,chaos,duaity… this is alot of places for ccp to do their internal testing,we would like to know what really happened so ccp decided to disable player access to sisi for good?


I doubt it is ‘for good’. I believe they are simply giving notice that Singularity is being intentionally put in this mode to head off the threads and reports they’d get if they make the change unannounced and letting us know they’ll tell us when they switch it back on so we know we don’t have to keep checking it to find out.

All test servers are probably not created equal. They may run on different hardware or access/emulate a different more limited subset of features as compared to Sisi. It seems logical to assume there is a good reason to do their testing on Sisi to provide the incentive to put it in VIP mode even if the ‘why’ of it is privileged information.


Press F


iinderstand frustration but sisi belongs to ccp. its their decision to take sisi away from us… they did not shut down sisi at all they just denied player access…

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Another big stealth update coming! Thank you CCP. I hope for more balance changes.

People crying at CCP just because they don’t want to let players min/max new stuff before it will go to TQ are hilarious.


most likely ccp do not want us to look at some updates,maybe pearl abyss told them to put sisi into vip mode so we cant complain on something bad coming?

Like they care about salt (see HyperNet). But I bet it’s better to trow anything that is happening good or bad a PA and see if it will stick rather than understanding simple thing told by CCP over and over by at least half of year.

High quality reasoning here.


SiSi is their pre-release environment.

The other non-production servers have their own setups, that don’t necessarily closely match the TQ environment. SiSi does that, and as with any well structured IT environment, SiSi is where final tests and QA assessments are conducted, prior to release into production.

So it isn’t as simple as just, use another test environment.


Is this a temporary measure, or will Singularity remain in VIP mode most of the time from now on, just like Duality?

From CCP’s standpoint - it’s their server for the development and improvement of Tranquility. Anyone who plays on Singularity should know there are no assurances to public uptime.

As for the players; why not make this a good time to take a break from Singularity?
Hop onto TQ and head to Lowsec and get some real pvp chills - might give a bit of appreciation for PVP skill in the risk environment of TQ.

Hope Sisi is looked well after - thanks to Dopamine for updates to the Singularity community.


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The tinfoil on display is amazing. You do realise that the actual game isnt hosted on sisi…dont you?
Go and play the damn game!!

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Sisi is more fun than Tranquility.

Then you have missed the point of playing Eve.

What are sisi warriors going to do now?