Test Server Request

It would be nice on the Test Server if we can add skills so we can determine the result of something we are looking to achieve,

For example I cannot fly carriers at the moment, and it would be nice for me to fit out a carrier and associated equipment to see if it is something I want to work towards on tranquillity.

It just seems a bit pointless going to the test server and the skills there are less (depending on when it was last mirrored) than the skills I have now. After all it is a test server and should be used to test things, some of those things we may not yet be able to do ingame

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I think you’re confusing test server with pyfa

Nope I am not, PYFA is a fitting tool, that is not even a good second to being able to sit in a ship and use it on the test server.

Alright, I’m just wondering if the test server is for testing upcoming game changes rather than testing out ships you might want to purchase.


it is unfortunate yes but there is probably reason for it

btw you can type /copyskills into local and it will mirror skill to your current live character

I feel like even the test server is too much. Learn to play on Tranquility :smile:

There must be a reason because they take all the skill injectors off the market. It’s very easy to get unlimited isk on the test server so if they were on the market you could do just as you ask.

Thanks Vokan, I didn’t know that. I am sure CCP have a reason, not sure what as there is nothing real to be gained from it on the test server

Yes I noticed this, as I was going to inject skills to do what I wanted… but really so what if you had unlimited ISK on the test server? it is a test server after all. it will give you no advantage in game

It isnt about learning to play as such it is about trying things out that you may want to try, A carrier is a big commitment for training, I may not like it, so it would be nice to try it out.

I agree. I guess this is where the paywall comes into play :neutral_face:

Yes of course it is for that, in fact probably mainly for that. but why could it not include that as well? being able to fly ships on the test server we cannot in the actual game is just another aspect of testing.

What is it you’re looking to try? I can and have flown a Nidhoggur on the test server. Took me forever to figure out the fighter buttons. Do you have access to an Astrahus? You could tinker with your fighter bay from in there.

Any carrier really, however i do not have the skills on tranquillity, so therefore i cannot fly one on the test server

The test server exists for quality assurance - so CCP can test new features before deploying them to Tranquility. It is not intended as a place where players can test new skills before training them on TQ. You can train different skills on Singularity and CCP awards unallocated skillpoints for participating in mass tests but, anything you do on Singularity will be overwritten by the next mirror.

No you misunderstand. Unlimited isk is easy, so you could buy unlimited injectors.

But clearly they don’t want you to buy injectors.

So… Did they just copy or something?

But it is a test server, who cares if you can achieve unlimited anything

No idea why. But taking injectors off the market has pretty clear intentions to me.

A 24 hour limit on all injectors would make for interesting debate…
can alphas pls get sentry drones, even just sentry drones 1

AND… as an alfa account you can train one char, and daily inject all 3? so you can train 3 toons faster on an alfa account than on omega…

And why no large micro jump drive for alfas?