How i ended having near 1M more skill point on the test server than on the regular server?

i opened a ticket and they told me to ask in here…

the problem is that make the test server useless more sp than the tranquillity server mean unacurate testing.
i want that problem solved.

How does you having more unallocated SP interfere with testing the game mechanics on SiSi? Just don’t use them or extract them if you must to change a skill level.

CCP hands out extra SP on the test server as a reward for showing up to help them test things. It’s less relevant in the age of skill injectors, but it is suppose to be a good thing and is completely intended. You might have got them that way, or perhaps you extracted some since the last mirror of the live server, but regardless the test server is there more for CCP to test the game, not you and is not kept in perfect synchrony with the live server

problem is visible. when he buys skkill injectors on sisi right after mirror he dont need participate in mass tests because he chas more sp than reward frm each masstest

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