Why do I need a test server

Greetings o/. I want to share my experience, and perhaps this is just my situation, but still.

Sisi helped avoid the mistake of capital ships.
I have been familiar with the game for a long time, but I have never fly anything more than a BS. Many people dream of carriers or even Titan, as was I. At one time, for participating in mass tests, I accumulated several SP and spent them on a super (Phoenix and Chimera). After flying for a short time, I realized that this is not what I want from the game.

Sisi helped me understand that running a corporation is not what i wish.
For some time I was a member of the corporation, but I was not happy with some aspects. There are no problems with this in the game - you can create your own corporation. That’s what I did on the test server. Having looked at how they work, the functions of management, claim, sovereignty (at that time it was necessary to be in an alliance, no idea how it is now), I came to the conclusion that management is not what I would like. Even if i can play alltime. Even for a solo player, in order to place a customs house in an interesting WH - I have no desire to spend hours shooting into the void, entering the required window of vulnerability, then setting up my customs, defending, etc… this is not what I want.

Sisi helped me find a game style.
Various online games (but not all of them) offer the opportunity to test drive characters/tanks/ships/etc. In EVE, Sisi performed this function for me. I play rarely and inconsistently, I don’t like grinding, and I often do different things. Sometimes trade, sometimes production, sometimes missions, etc. On the test server, I could fly in advance on a ship that was interesting to me and understand whether my expectations corresponded to reality or not.

The good place to relax.
And perhaps one of the striking advantages of the test server was that you could safely visit interesting systems without fear of pirates, suicide/smartbombs, other toxic players. Of course, you can use MWD+cloak, undok books, other various things, and I use them on Tranquility. But I like just roam in space, I’m not at all interested in pvp. It brings its own flavor when you hacking, but when you want to take a beautiful screenshot with the correct position of the ship, the play of light, etc - but you see combat probes in scan… There is no way for it. I will better take my screenshots at Sisi.

This is my personal experience. It helped me to save a lot of real time, and helped me avoid a lot of frustration. The recent changes in the access policy do not make me happy, but I naively hope that one of the developers will read the topic … and perhaps be able to find some solution for people like me.

With best regards, Aslanari.


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