How to access supercarriers

I haven’t played EVE in several years and i’ve forgotten a thing or two (also alot has changed, wow!). I remember before i joined a corp called “doomsday testers” or something along that line and this made it possible for me to build these supers. I’d like to start playing the game properly aswell eventually.

if you have a supercarrier on TQ then you’ll automatically have it on the test server if it migrated over correctly.

otherwise to have a super carrier on the test server, you’ll have to build one

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Yes i’m aware of that, but do i still need to join a corporation to have it build? Or do i simply just find a random system and gain sovereignty over that system? Is there any step-by-step guide on this?

I don’t think you have the time to build one before sisi gets mirrored.

Thank you for the reply, i was wondering this aswell! I’ll wait until it gets mirrored again :slight_smile:

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