Give People on SiSi Free Skillpoints

So Singularity is to test out stuff right?
Then why not give the people free skillpoints on SiSi so they can try basically EVERYTHING without having to try to skill for something for 1 year and then getting that progress ruined by a mirror.
Why is there no free SP on sisi anyways?


The purpose of the test server is so you can try things out with little or no risk at your current skill level. What purpose would it serve for you to make a maxed out character in the test server when it won’t reflect what you are currently capable of in the live server?


I’m guessing the idea is to fly ships you currently can’t fly to see if it’s something you’d want to skill into.


I just use the test server to mess around and do stuff you can’t do on the live server, such as taking on the faction police in high sec using a carrier or dread…

You get free sp when you partake in mass testes

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Can’t you buy skill extractors for cheap on Sisi?

The vast majority of people go to the test server to try a ship that they are planning to get.

Now, there are ways to max out a char for a particular ship by just extracting all skills that he is not using because extractors are basically free. For example, trading, social, reprocessing and then putting them into a certain ship.

So as long as you have a char or several chars that have a combined skill point pool of say 20 million skillpoints you can pretty much fly what you want.

But why should there be a barrier? It makes no sense to make it difficult for players to test stuff out and especially make it almost impossible for new players that don’t have a skill pool to test stuff out.
I would rather argue that it would increase player retention if new players can jump onto the test server and try out a ship that they are dreaming about getting one day.

It’s like walking into a car dealership and to test your dream car even if you’re a half a year or a year away from being able to buy it. Car dealerships offer free test drives to people because they know that once a person have driven that dream car there is a very high likelihood that they will stick around until they’re able to buy it.

Because the test server isnt made for that. If it was the devs would allow that.

Plus the test server is available to us out of convenience. They don’t HAVE to allow us access to it.

Because if everyone on SiSi had max skillpoints, there would be nobody testing the little stuff.
Everyone would just be mucking about in their freebie Titan.

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there are no 100isk titans on sisi but i get your point

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