New Singularity Version

I work on Singularity fairly often to learn more about Eve and try out new ideas. My current SP status is rapidly outdistancing the basis from the last update. Putting this post in to request an update to Singularity very soon. And, thanks, Singularity is pretty darn useful.

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I think SISI is an underrated tool that does not get promoted enough.

Singularity is for the benefit of the devs, not you. You’ll get a mirror when they deem it necessary and not a moment sooner.

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While true, that still does not make it a bad place to learn.

Also wait a second, you can just use /copyskills to update your skills!

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I’m an old toon so I never needed that I guess? So I didn’t know. Still good to know though.


Are there any other MMO’s that have a test feature like sisi?

More importantly, does any other MMO have such a self-entitled playerbase that they would complain about the frequency of updates on the test server?

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In case you missed it in the discussion there, @Dark_Lord_Trump is absolutely correct: the /copyskills command will refresh all completed skill levels from TQ to Sisi as of the prior day (I believe the snapshot is taken during downtime, but I haven’t ever tested that level of detail). Incomplete skill levels are ignored. Also worth noting is that if you use a skill extractor on Sisi, the /copyskills command will be put on a 2 week cooldown (to prevent people spamming the command to rack up excessive SP counts).

Thanks, I knew about the skill extractors and have used numerous ones. I’m trying out some very new situations and extractor / injector benefits are exhausted.

I was completely uninformed about the copy skills command. This will be very useful.

Thanks all.

Maybe they should think about using it to test stuff on then instead of releasing it when its not finished


What? Your not happy to be a paying beta tester? :smirk:

Yeah, the forums are that slow…

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I was just happy to see someone whine about not being able to use the available tools to there full extent instead of just whine. And some lessons were learned.

I still say sisi is an underrated tool. I wish CCP held more events geared to new players. Be part of a big battle, no loss in the game, etc… Meh…

People are so afraid to lose their pretend internet spaceships that they have to log into the test server, so they only have to risk … well, even less.

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After just losing 2 bling ships on Tranquilly while trying out burner missions, I don’t care if he “cheats” as it were. I’m still just happy someone is using the tools available. Blame CCP for letting us use sisi, not the players.

Entitlement comes with the times it seems…

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I’ve been told people troll these forums because_________________

If I fill in the blank the moderator will close the thread.

I’m sure the devs will give your request for a test server update all the consideration it deserves.

Its not designed as a place to “learn” its designed as a place for you to find and report bugs

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They do, the issue is, players aren’t using it to actually test for bugs and instead as a playground, also certain content can’t be tested on SISI ahead of time if its for an event we aren’t supposed to know about or a surprise content addition, they have a dev server for testing that