Proposal - Toggle to All skills to V on Singularity

Can we have the option to toggle between current skills and all skills to level V on Singularity server ?
I am sure there is a lot of you that would love to actually test something in there without having it trained on Tranquility . Sure you can say that you can extract those skills now, if not satisfied with the result, but you might be in the <5.5 mil SP situation and simply stuck with them until you pass that threshold.

Anyway, it would be nice to have this option and I don’t see why this would be a hassle for CCP to implement .

This should be in the Test Server Feedback subforum - you can edit your OP to move it there.

Sisi is unlikely to see additional features added for players, as it doesn’t exist for us - it’s CCP’s test bed and they just happen to let us use it at all times instead of restricting access to only during mass tests or when a new feature has just deployed to Sisi for feedback and testing.

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Everything Mkikaden said, plus CCP uses bonus SP (Sisi only) as an incentive for participating in mass tests.

There are things you can do to make testing easier, however. First, you can train stuff on singularity independent of your tranquility training. So, if it can be completed in 2 or 3 months, you can test it out. Second, the /copyskills command will update skills in between mirrors (if a skill completed since you last logged into TQ, you should log into TQ first, so that it will properly update on Singularity). I’ve since used them all up, but I also used to keep a 20 injector stockpile lying around on TQ. And I’d get them back on Sisi every time the server was mirrored.

Yes, but iirc at a time it simply resets to what you actually have on TQ ;

I know, but this is a luxury for others…

The only time skills are reset is when a mirror is done.

Things you can do:

  • Buy injectors on Sisi from other players (for Sisi money)
  • Extract from a second character of your own and give all the SP to your testing character
  • Buy-/buy everything to make- +5 implants and set a skill training queue on Sisi for what you want to test - you can then still /copyskills from TQ to add any finished skill levels your TQ character has completed as well.

You can also try asking around in your corp to see if someone is willing to log on to Sisi to extract SP and gift them to you, though again the SP will be lost after the next mirror.

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Yes I am aware , but this is an unneeded complicated procedure , when things could be a lot more simpler.

It may mot be as simple as you think. It’s also a coding time expense with no RoI for CCP.

It’s what I’m paying for a subscription , so that they can make things simpler and easier for us. If they can’t afford it, then maybe I should unsubscribe, this is not 2003 anymore , there’s so much more diversity when it comes to video games now.
In the last 5 years they did nothing but to butcher this game and throw us more PLEX, injectors and shitty packs down our throats to buy , while meanwhile telling us that wealth is bad for the game and that it needs a “fix” .
You want to get wealthy in Eve ? Buy PLEX ! It’s in the launcher (there is their fix to the game) , take a look , along with some other joke of starter packs offers.

On Tranquility, sure. Singularity isn’t something you are paying to access. It’s their development server.

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Even after a mirror, active testers will have their SP returned to them according to CCP’s SISI documentation.

When a new mirror is applied the skill-points of the last five mass tests (max. 10M SP) are reapplied (within 2 days after the mirror).

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Test reward SP, yes. Injected SP that was extracted from other characters, no.

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